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Start, by purchasing the silver acid test kit. Using the Olympus "Precious Metals" test, it reported that the bar was .997 fine, with a +/- of .0001 (.9969-.9971). Does Provident care if their customers might not actually have their stored gold? Elemetal further says that they are developing an updated payment plan, in which they hope to make additional payments within 20-30 days, and have a goal of paying customers in full. So let's take a closer look at this. It may have shut down as part of Elemetal Refining shutting down gold/silver operations. Silver has long been a viable and strong investment option. This adds fuel to the fire regarding whether a bank or other company may believe they have a lien against Elemetal Vault metal. Their dedication to continued quality and superior design makes them a standout precious metals company. To speed up the process, modern refiners will often use a continuous casting process instead. This is a step in the right direction, as it would make it very difficult for someone inside the company to support the illegal gold trade (and make such actions much more clearly fraudulent). Their dedication to continued quality and superior design makes them a standout precious metals company. They also clarified that their client's metal is not (and can not be) subject to any lien. April 12, 2017 4:20PM EST Update: Elemetal Refining, LLC is not planning to shut down completely, just to shut down the high grade gold and silver refining. That said, there is an old U.S. law from 1906 that requires gold to be no less than .003 below what is marked, and silver to be no less than .004 below what is marked. Alternatively, it is possible that the glass company chose to accept the Elemetal Refining payout schedule. But the 10-character OPM serial numbers are very, very hard to fake, as the checksum is very thorough. The form also allows for attachments. But if Elemetal Vault is telling the truth, you have title to 1% of that bar. Some are relatively young and serve smaller niches within the precious metals industry. Known simply as NTR Metals, the Northern Texas Refinery is one of the largest metal refineries in the world. with one of the largest bullion wholesalers in the world, Dillon Gage, through 2022 to help I told NTR Metals that i would  send the drillings i had taken from the bar to the assay office. From what I can tell, assuming Elemetal is honest, this should not be possible. If you are an Elemetal Refining customer, could you please let me know if you got that payment? Any information would be helpful, but especially useful would be the type of metal (e.g. October 19, 2017 7:00PMM EST UPDATE: I have heard from an Elemetal customer that this most recent payment was about 6% of what the October payment was supposed to be. gold or silver), the purity shown on the bar/round, how it was tested, the brand (Elemetal, NTR, or OPM) and the results. In addition to its refining operation, which handles more than 30 million pounds of metal each year, the Dallas-based company provides recycling, minting, and other refining services to thousands of business around the world. What I can say is that after I requested information from the public on Elemetal/NTR/OPM purity, I have had 4 people come forward. Your right on target if you are suspicious of NTR Metals. Private mints often produce precious metals with the greatest level of variety, and lower premiums over the spot price of gold, silver, platinum, and palladium. We DO NOT remove reports. I sent the bar off to Auris Noble. Copyright © 1995-2020 eBay Inc. All Rights Reserved. Wondering if a report is missing? Despite no signs of financial trouble at Provident Metals itself, until Provident responds, I cannot recommend that people do business with Provident Metals. Don't let them get away with it!® Let the truth be known!™, 10720 Composite Drive? So why do they not find the answer? You could later convert the metal to items sold by Provident Metals. So this is my frustration that I have with NTR Metals. Bar Highlights: Contains 10 oz of .999 fine silver. All business will get complaints. NTR Metals bars are sold in individual cases or sheets of 10 sealed bars. For the fastest processing and fulfillment of your order, we recommend the use of bank wire and Pay Pal transfers. However, we think it is important for you to understand the risks out there, and be informed -- so you will be less likely to suffer a loss due to counterfeit or fake silver bars or coins. See the 'Elemetal Update' of 12 Apr 2017 above for further details. Why OPM was leasing metal is beyond my expertise. Texas-based NTR Metals with their headquarters in Dallas is one of the largest precious metals refineries in the world. I love you forever, Christie! Now, however, there is official confirmation of a problem (not necessarily impurity), as Kitco's buyback pages for gold and silver bars now states in large bold letters "Note: The following brands carry a large discount to spot. At .99984, it would have 60% more contaminants than marked. About Counterfeit and Fake Silver Bars and Coins Dealers don't want people to think that there is much fake silver out there, as scared customers reduces demand for their products. Very nice bars and everyone buys them readily. If you have any questions, we encourage you to reach out to a Silver.com associate for help. And Provident doesn't want to know the answer? Please note that it is unclear exactly how far this issue reaches. Verifying authenticity is undoubtedly the single most important aspect of investing in precious metals. Throughout a very complex process, the cast blanks are melted under induction heating or resistance heating to form minted ingot shapes that match exact specifications. He was then re-assigned to Colombia in January, 2017. ntr metals consistently has huge melt off. I haven't had the heart to cut it out of its pvc protector. I felt really bad lost all my earnings that week as i work on low margins. All rights reserved. The next two payments are October 15 and December 15. NTR Metals is a scam, http://ntrmetals.com is a scam. But at .997, it would have 7000% more contaminants. When buying bars from Kitco, they specify that they sell bars from "selected reputable refiners", whereas when selling bars to Kitco they do not specify what brand(s) are acceptable. If Elemetal Vault metal is not actually owned by customers, this would appear to be a massive fraud -- and would be extremely damaging to Provident Metals. Hi there, just wondering if anyone has encountered or heard of any fake 10oz NTR Silver Bars? The worst part is I let my self get screwed for too long! 28008, Chapter 1, Article 1). Not even a day or two to give customers who sell in batches to send what they have. The front companies were "consistently bribing Peruvian customers (SUNAT) officials.". They extremely professional and look great on the outside, but the real issue is ntr's extremely low integrity and dishonesty. However, despite these issues with Elemetal, I want to reiterate that I do not see the warning signs with Provident Precious Metals that I did with Tulving, Bullion Direct, and NWTM. The results suggest that the bar is gold, just almost certainly less than .999 pure. If that is the case, it could boil down to whether Elemetal Vault properly transferred ownership to customers (if so, customers are in somewhat good shape; if not, they might get nothing). It may not be copied without the written permission of Ripoff Report. Dallas, Texas 75220. Who's crazy enough to start this website? 05-09-2013, 11:49 PM. Each bullion bar is hand inspected for consistency, quality, weight, and purity before it’s packaged. It had been widely assumed that they were de-listed for the $3.5B of illegal gold they bought. Further exposure to a gauging mill refines the bars even more, before they are eventually sent to the blanking press where each individual bar is punched out of the strip to prepare for striking process, at which point mint marks and designs are added to the finished product. Advertisers above have met our Ms. Crowell confirmed this, by stating "We delisted a refiner called Elemetal. Fake silver on EbaY?? Who's crazy enough to start this website? NTR Metals is taking money directly out of your pocket and in this day and age us gold dealers cant afford to be throwing out money to the billion dollar ntr metals establishment. To be very clear, there is not even the slightest hint that Elemetal has dealt with any terrorist organizations, and with Elemetal's gold refining operations shut down, it is unlikely this will be an issue for Elemetal.

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