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Subscribe to the Spectrum Magazine newsletter for email updates! 3:11-12). Watch our overview video on 1 Peter, which breaks down the literary design of the book and its flow of thought. Then we are reminded to keep a clear conscience at all times even when suffering unjustly. That is to say, believers will receive a future reward while the wicked will be destroyed. To be humble and to cast all anxieties on God because of His very great love and care for us. This letter was written around the time that Nero had burned the city of Rome. To briefly “chase a rabbit,” it makes a profitable study to compare and contrast Abraham with his nephew. 3:18).      because the marriage of the lamb has come . Its purpose was to encourage suffering Christians and to call them to personal holiness; Peter’s central focus is persecution. Peter says we are a “chosen people, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, a people belonging to God” (vs. 9). 15-16), with the admonition following that because God is no respecter of persons, believers should “… pass the time of your sojourning here in fear” (v. 17). Copyright © 2020 Juli Camarin, JCBlog.net.      and his bride has made herself ready. He wrote this letter to a group of Christians scattered throughout the northern areas of Asia Minor, where he may have previously preached the gospel. Any weight that I might place on the scale of my life produces only a superficial and temporary swing. The Acts of the Apostles (Mountain View, CA: Pacific Press, 1911), 531. Peter likened Christ to the lamb without blemish and without spot (1 Pet 1:19). . First Peter focuses on the importance of believers bearing up under unjust suffering yet continuing to live well (1 Peter 2:20). The Bible says: 7Let us rejoice, be glad, and give him glory, Jirí Moskala in his article, The Gospel According to God’s Judgment: Judgment as Salvation, where he discusses four phases, concludes his article on judgment saying, “Praise the Lord that God is our Judge!”[7] Therefore, judgment should not be perceived negatively but rather positively. Ellen G. White says, “Since you have purified your souls in obeying the truth through the Spirit in sincere love of the brethren, love one another fervently with a pure heart.”[9] Truth is consistent with the heart, mind, and will, and being of God. Peter writes to give hope in the midst of it; to remind of our great salvation in Christ Jesus. 8-9). As Peter emphasized in chapter one, he returned here to tell the readers that the second epistle also does not bring anything new, but rather exhorts them regarding “the second advent of the Lord” that is: 1. Peter closes this letter reminding us that the God of all grace will restore all things and make us strong, firm and steadfast. He expounds that believers should not be surprised when persecution comes upon them. Many crumble at the mere thought of another pain or trial. [6]Peter Brunner, “The Forgiveness of God and the Judgment of God,” Word & World 21, no. Seventh-day Adventist Bible Commentary, 1:721. © 2020 Spectrum Magazine. . • In chapters 1-2, Peter gives guidance and reassurance to the growing church and claims that the Gospel they are preaching is of Jesus Christ. 1 Peter 3 starts with advice for husbands and wives. To give advice on how to live a godly life before unbelievers, then ends with a reminder that the Lord will return and restore all things. 2 Peter 1 - A Sure Salvation 2 Peter 1 opens with a beautiful greeting and reminder that we have been given exceedingly great promises to help us live godly lives and escape the corruption of our world. In the OT, the word for holy means to set aside, dedicated for holy use. The First and Second Epistles of Peter were written for practical purposes. When Peter mentions "Babylon" as a place he was writing from, it was most likely a euphemism for Rome. Holiness is so essential thus the book of Hebrews says, “without holiness no once can see God” (Heb 12:14b). I live as I live in the judgment of God. Peter, the fisherman from Galilee is the author of the book of 1 Peter. 2 Peter sounds a warning against false teachers. . Holiness, therefore, includes obedience to the laws of God that relate to the physical being. Unjust or unforeseen suffering is one of the great problems that grips the hearts of people today. Typically, when a person gets saved, we begin discipleship. 1:5-11 we are told to “add to … (our) faith virtue; and to virtue knowledge” (v. 5). Author: PeterDate Written: 64-65 ADMajor Theme: Living victoriously in the midst of suffering and persecution. More than any other man who walked the earth, Jesus modeled that lifestyle. Make sure your comments are germane to the topic; be concise in your reply; demonstrate respect for people and ideas whether you agree or disagree with them; and limit yourself to one comment per article, unless the author of the article directly engages you in further conversation. Christ’s suffering serves as a substitute for sinners. Hey, James here! The third theme that Peter discusses is the hope we have in the soon return of Jesus. Peter assures of God’s judgment on these false teachers (vv. … 8She has been given the privilege of wearing fine linen, Thus, love involves sacrifice, and sacrifice often involves suffering. God’s judgment about you and me creates the basic foundation of our existence. 1 Peter 2 - Living as God’s Chosen People 1 Peter 2 begins by showing how we are being built into a spiritual house with the Lord Jesus as the cornerstone. ed. The way one should “behave” and “live,” to be a “sermon in shoes” is critical because Peter links between man’s behavior and God’s judgment (1 Pet 1:17 and 2 Pet. By rooting their perseverance in the person and work of Christ, believers can always cling to hope in the midst of suffering. While the fact is not recorded in the Bible, Peter has long been thought to have spent his final years serving the church in Rome. [9]Ellen G. White, Selected Messages (Washington, D.C.: Review and Herald, 1958), 2:373. – everything except his soul! Too often in those most difficult moments of our lives, confusion reigns while While the apostle Peter lived in troublous times, one of his themes was: an order in the society and in the church. As you can see this book is full of practical advice and insights for the believer especially in the midst of suffering.

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