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(A) strong, strong (B) weak, strong }�!����n���'��n �z"2V&����R��l���e��.�S��|�L���� ���H��˨Py£���i����_�h����/?�����o?D? ="���L���#��Z�[&���o�Ӱ�-"�3�2�c�fB+b���ڢ��Sk1�j��$bc���(� neutralized each other. 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This the reverse of the Kb reaction for the base A−.Therefore, the equilibrium constant for is K = 1/Kb = 1/(Kw/Ka (for HA)) = 5.4 × 107. 5m��L?s��]r�����*�A�#�r���#%M_�)�*��48��~�"ML�ttB�jU7!ޝ�;�1� ��3� T�\T}���`��A������W�P�Pٷu ��A�H��U��:q�#b�J���خ6�'vy�|���1�R|b�V�b�隈�:#����a�?�Ug�����h�b=�����l��n?c���� �/�ёrGD���K��䓨E�ws��X"���/�٣=�Q��ji�������\�>ܩ��e�~�e��m�$���ɶ�{�ӹ��s�OB.�؉m�_�O�s;�Pt i@�H�ɢ2���¢*�؟��,����BJ��`U*.AB�� MES is an abbreviation for 2-(N-morpholino)ethanesulfonic acid, which is a weak acid with pKa = 6.27. ��Pm�l9�;��v� [�D3_���~���!��}�I�3L.�y���{|��s�/1oX��H�����bi)\S):;/�C�����F2č��W�g7�]�X��Kc���s�ll� 4.0 x 10 2 g/mol. A 20.0 mL of 0.500 M HCl are mixed with 15.0 mL of 0.500 M NaOH. �6w=��q���΍��š���� �9����7��9�=��g��q�d�ߚ�ح1������������~���c����ͦ͢,���x����2���D��@EhŊ����δ}��8G�B�i� � T �]�����B�����#u�_1��iC�v�N���nlyb\��3U��Ӭi��.����͑��pY�S����F�a�)�Ĵލ-����fy�{��C.�!lݭ �wc�+r�����i�fk��j�ה&��E�t0�t$�Z����er=��=O@X������u~.�]ؿ�x�����w��~и�jd��",�5�B��ֻ+���풙���-������YV��)5���C�kXaaB�B\P��O�Ovu���s�K�)�u&����C�����)v����ɮ.7h)1�M�m~ZrE�g�^T����~>��lh�VvMն�(:�m�j �y������D��'D�#����i@�v^d�[��8� ��3�u7Vc]��a��MY �+K�6�E?6aTb� �fE��R��v'3��H�D;[�=�]�c �`&2��ύ7�Kl�� ��9�J��4Ihף� �n�7��5.��#��bQJ�)�� o6�@܄]T�ү�Y����e�h�������LF� �� kHe��4� endobj <> h�mR�.=D�h�G��\I�? )�@ǖ3S蓑�� -+�h��;���?H$�q5��L)�s��܃��G���D��[�'%S�S+���*0'� w�'���� Yw����T�^?���t�h��� Strong acid and weak base c. Weak acid and their conjugate base d. Weak base and their conjugate acid (8). ), HCl (aq) + NaOH (aq) H2O (l) + NaCl The solution will be <> Strong acid and strong base b. Titration of an acid with a base requires that the pH, or relative concentrations of the two reactants, be monitored. a. At its pKa value b. A Addition of a strong base to a weak acid B Addition of a weak base to a strong acid C Addition of a strong acid to a weak base D Addition of a weak acid to a strong base E Addition of a strong acid to a strong base 1 16. %PDF-1.4 2 0 obj %PDF-1.5 H+ + OH-H 2O Va = volume of strong acid, S.A. Vb = volume of strong base, S.B. Equal moles of which of the following chemicals could be used to make a basic buffer solution? at the end point. You may have to refer to questions 10 and 11 in your supplemental ), acetic acid (CH 3 COOH), etc. Analysis of the arterial blood gave the following values: PCO 2 16 mm Hg, HCO 3-5 mmol/l and pH 7.1. (Assume that the acid and base react on a one-to-one molar basis.) In your acid / base titration lab, you found the molecular weight of a solid acid. stream acid V acid = M base V base In this experiment, we use an acid-base indicator, phenolphthalein to determine the end point in the titration. The solution will be w���}��_���+]�p�,�f��r�+x�S�P;̕qȏ�"� We choose an indicator such that its color change occurs as closely as possible to the equivalence point. %�쏢 Indicators and acid base titrations quiz questions and answers PDF: Carminic acid gives purple color with, with answers for best ACT prep courses online. x��Y[oT7V_�W���1�_�� ACIDS AND BASES MULTIPLE CHOICE QUESTIONS Direction: Read the questions carefully and choose the letter of the correct answer. <> Calculate the pH of solution at the following volumes of HCl added: 0, 1.00, Ve, and 5.50 mL. Page 3 of 4 = 4 2 x 10 x 1000 20 mol = 0.01 mol สารละลาย Al(OH)3 เข มข น = 0.01 mol/dm3 วิธีที่ 2 ใช สัดส วน b=���B&�s֐�}�,��YZqZ��-WV�j���a趨��E���~Js%��~K��i�i�)�&���o�g��,E��Qhϖhl��V\�M�[>�ؓ��0@2$h�����f4J|��*���1� H�I��ż�}c�fVk��f�f),۞��w#-U[��Y���*$�IC�r�,IxX�j. Learn ionic equilibria Multiple Choice Questions and Answers (MCQs), "Indicators and Acid Base Titrations" quiz questions and answers for best GRE prep courses online. {l_L8����[�;o�B%⷏)^']\���{����j|��a��V�7�����)b�4? 0.10 g/mol. All rights reserved. Strong Acid-Strong Base Titrations Abbreviations Example: A 50.00 mL solution of 0.0100 M NaOH is titrated with 0.100 M HCl. (j-��Cԇt��Tلl���3>>g�Ih((��=����x�{��� �?����k�/fi���)����,p���@Mϗ��,�L*�9��4!���{ŔI��Y'���fOwf�`? on a one-to-one molar basis.). 4 0 obj the phenolphthalein endobj �;��`�ؚ +�h� "ɪLXv����J��D_u��]% 2 0 obj ��y[�;��������#����l^��\I�u���`�\�R�C���H�Ȁ�jM���' �9��0K���y�]l8�mqYa�R��-� 2oLUg������m�Q��!š������� 1 0 obj a) Metabolic Acidosis b) Metabolic Alkalosis c) Respiratory Acidosis d) Respiratory Alkalosis endobj Perform the same calculation given that 0.50 g of acid required 20.00 mL of 0.25 M NaOH to titrate it. Learn buffer solutions, ph calculations, equilibrium and solubility test prep for best ACT prep courses online. << What is the underlying acid-base disorder? g2C�e\% The ionic reaction for the neutralization of HCl (a strong acid) with NaOH (a strong base) is: The end point ( or equivalence point ) your acid / base titration between HCl and NaOH occurred when: The data above refers to a titration of NaOH with a known concentration of HCl. 3 0 obj ����[����GŌ�k� �#0=C�p��C#����}3�Kk't%:�+;�k$7�5M}XI[k-!h@+c�t#������;��N��~X�8ʨn��;F'������e��� % {��?��h�k;�E�_�3MLB\L8\C��� �'p�? Acid Name Formula pK Hydrofluoric HF 3.45 Acetic CH3COOH 4.7 MCQ: Carminic acid gives purple color with, MCQ: Litmus is used to test either the substance is, MCQ: Addition of acid to indicator will shift the equilibrium towards, MCQ: The insect which feeds on cactus has a scarlet pigment known as. H��W�n�H}7�h�S��d��2��$c2�6�!�F�mee9�����.�dS��� E�������)-4�o�NO^�������D�"�D��(k#6�������V�la���Ma*�~3Φ�]Z�R�NO2�F�I�f��9›����G�R�]g�Bi-�*�˅�TI!�m+^�˽r�}�UF.�Oz��l.��}���m0BgU (aq), H + *{v5�n�TY��O�*H.�t4�T�c�6���� R��__��!�e�lJ��,�Ob�!�y�"N��A��հ:U(�V��h�um�� T�f���I�mM�k�����Se�[�=�n�8U�;�+��F�7 {4��9���4�=,w�*\/���ᢝ�7fò������b�7%.Y�5E��twHn\Z��q)[�� �7;�4w%�#n`�5l�gf��l�b���߯���F��wC;�V��ԭ��zkwf���v.��(�'&���9�z���}�C�jq��a�?�,.�8�1M�޵94I�΍ئ�yN��“\`�I�� x��/8�ڪ��$��9'9�9yX�A�hK���);���n�� ��V��r��h��s������m��w���v���vѯ�w��?oᄑT��>���P�o�~}h�?W�]u����ˏ?D_�>~���E�%���>~`Q If a solution has to be a buffer, its pH should be. stream %PDF-1.2 What is true about the resulting solution? Unit 04: Acid Base Equilibria Multiple Choice Questions 1. In an acid-base titration, one begins with the stoichiometrically balanced chemical equation which is assumed to go to completion. <>>> >����4o���p�ny�� L����?py�%�P��]�%��C(�z%�(|�b��z��H�;�{�hA~�#6�E@A"M��Wl[�:Gu�^l�S(~y��9|ri�L_I-,���"���B�H�� ���BD�߼��P�������|�G�7v�?ch��N����\�r�nEKi�o��n-�`�aRD���NT���89'Iϖ���I�Ѕ��]e�X�J�r���l�R*�Z��z{U�8�}U䲽`�0�M�iQyI���~ &XZ��7������W�L��ĝ����D�)�ȎZ`h�%��gɑ��< G�`��c�B�2|��d�-/B-�[ej޺�p8t��OM�q�i�cȇ����@7Xs���#> ͟s�!Gや� %���� Calculate the pH of the mixture in problem 9. Practice merit scholarships assessment test, online learning indicators and acid base titrations quiz questions for competitive exams in chemistry majors for colleges that offer online classes. 1 0 obj ]�x�;a�����HI�W�V����MzR�ؘIIu��ȳ�2E�@�tt >> a. Arrhenius c. Lowry. given that 0.50 g of acid required 20.00 mL of 0.25 M NaOH to titrate it. Indicators and Acid Base Titrations MCQs Quiz Online PDF Download. This is the definition of acid and base according to. What is the value of the pKa that can be obtained from this titration curve? In your acid / base titration lab, you found the molecular weight of a solid acid. x��]�o��n��?w��^���)9��"��@QDEqҝ�CN��=�6}gH�-�H��JI�F�8��Cr�ao�g�������X���w�쫏�_���3.�ǻׯ8���ɂ�Jg�����T�O�ׯr� ��o�_����O���E9���o���_} 2PN�\p�����%�Y�iC� �*�P)T����E~>��y9;���/�l5W��_�?ͫ��>�/�l���5h� �JUYQ�TP�������00��F�-hc��O�[��2+��t�����y�Ž��I�LQ�E���Y����ws=c�׿'��T&+գJX��Ч�f��ap���yb�� Disclosure: As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. %���� Calculate the volume of 0.300 M HNO 3 needed to completely neutralize 25.0 mL of 0.250 M Sr OH 2.

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