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NOTE: This Is A Replacement Part For Dean Fryer Model: 1414GM (And Others) NRE # 033421 --- Price Per Armored Thermopile = US$55.28, Dean Fryer Natural Or LP Gas Pilot It does not replace the tank regulator when using LP Dean Fryer LP To Natural Gas Conversion Kit 2-1/4" Dial, Mount .187", Flat Up Temprature Range: Off-400-200 3/4 Inch FPT Gas In/Out Dean Reference # 807-2427 1/4" CCT Pilot Out, 3.5" Water Colum (Preset) 1/2" FPT In/Out, 1/4" CCT Pilot Out Dean Natural To LP Gas Conversion Kit NRE 033429 --- Price Per Kit = US$149.60, Dean Fryer LP To Natural Gas Conversion Kit MJCFE, MJCFEC, (And Others) If you have no access to natural gas in your desired location, propane can work as a substitute if your fryer is capable of using it as fuel. NRE # 130009 --- Price Per Pressure Regulator = US$41.50, Dean Fryer LP Gas Pressure Regulator Deep Fryer Parts Search By Model Number. NOTE: This Is Used For Natural Or LP Gas Units Kit Contains: Spring, Black Cap And Black Adjustment Screw Part Number: 36276 Special Order. Preset At Factory To 3.5 Enter your 10-digit phone number below to be sent a code for special pricing. The term "basket racks" can refer to either an apparatus that holds fry baskets when not in use or a wire frame that supports the baskets while food is frying. Its normally on the back of the unit, For Dean Fryer Series: SR52, SM50, (Including SM150) NRE # 051430 --- Price Per Thumb Screw = US$8.95, Dean Double Basket Hanger Dean Fryer RX Type Operating Thermostat 1/4" MPT x 2-1/8" Long, Drilled To #53 NRE # 090522 --- Price Per Fryer Basket = US$18.83, Dean 13-3/4" Wire Style Basket Hanger Dean Reference # 826-2018 Genuine Bissell supplied replacement part for a variety of Carpet Cleaners. Dean 13-1/4"x 6-1/2"x 5-7/8" Deep Fry Basket Dean Coaxial Style (Screw In) Fryer Thermopile Copyright © 2020 Inc. Quick Fix: How to Replace the Handle on a Gas Grill, Quick Fix: How to Replace the Burners on a Char-Broil Tru-Infrared Gas Grill. Low Prices • Great Selection • Customer Focused, Copyright© 2001-2020 KaTom Restaurant Supply, Inc. All rights reserved. For Models: SM50,SR42, SR62 NRE # 130138 --- Price Dean Orifice = US$13.66, French Fry Basket, 13-1/4"x 6-1/2"x 5-7/8" NRE # 031002 --- Price Per LP Pilot Safety Valve = US$239.30, Dean 36" Coaxial Style (Screw In) Fryer Thermopile NRE # 033410 --- Price Per Conversion Kit = US$177.46, Dean LP To Nat Gas Conversion Kit (4) Burner Orifices This is a genuine Presto replacement part, it is sold individually.It is used on all the Presto models shown below. We'll go over KaTom's catalog of accessories and then answer some common questions below. NRE # 030649 --- Price Per RX Type Thermostat = US$127.00, Dean Fryer Sensor Probe FM35, FMCFE, FMCFEC, FPP245, GF14, GF14-SD, GF40, Maxitrol RV48L-66-0033 Dean Natural To LP Gas Conversion Kit Deep fryers are serious hardware. Customized to natural gas (1800-2500pa). Natural Gas Pressure Regulator For Dean Fryers 3/8" x 5" Bulb, 36" Capillary (4EA) Orifices NRE # 033403 --- Price Per LC117 Type Safety Thermostat = US$173.26, Dean Fryer PECO Type-TC125 Thermostat For Natural To LP Gas Conversions On Not sure of the parts name , send us a picture and we will help ID the part you need. For Dean Fryer Series: SR42, SR52, SR62 *****KIT CONTAINS***** 250 - 750 Millivolt, 36" Coaxial, With 3/8"-32 Threads Not all replacement pieces fit all fryers, though. 1/4" MPT x 2-1/8" Long, Drilled To #39 It is made out of Rubber and it is Sold Individually. Dean Fryer LC117 Type Safety Thermostat With Auto Reset 3/8" x 3-1/2" Bulb, 36" Capillary Dean Reference # 810-2155 (1EA Valve Conversion Kit NRE # 033425 --- Price Per Conversion Kit = US$147.22, Dean Fryer LP To Natural Gas Conversion Kit Robertshaw Series 7000 Valves Copyright 2001-2020 All Rights Reserved worldwide (5EA) Burner Orifices 714G, 1212G, 1214GM, 1414E, 1414G, 1818E, 1818G, A mobile fryer is a good option for businesses that do not frequently fry food since they free up kitchen space when the fryer isn't in use. Buy Now. Dean LP Gas Regulator For 2 Screw Mount. (With LP Gas Conversion Kit) The belts should be checked periodically. (2EA) Labels It provides a Seal for the Lower Tube of the Frother. NEW 75 LB Fryer Liquid Propane Heavy Duty Burners Stainless Atosa ATFS-75 #3055. Regardless, replacing an individual piece saves quite a bit of money compared to having a technician service the machine or replace it entirely. Pilot Orifice for Dean Fryer (1EA) Pilot Orifice When replacing this part its suggested to make sure the posts on the appliance are clean and not damaged. $2,800. Fryer conversion kits typically refer to the commercial fryer parts necessary to change a fryer from accepting natural gas to using propane fuel. Dean Reference # 810-2063 NRE # 033436 --- Price Per Conversion Kit = US$155.20, Dean Fryer Natural To LP Gas Conversion Kit J3F, J65X, JCFX,KJ3FC, MJ35, MJ45, MJ45-SD, MJCF, 3/4 Inch FPT Gas In/Out If your fryer has a problem, you're likely to find a replacement part here. Some models come with a drip pan at the bottom that aids in cleaning by catching oil and debris. 250,000 BTU, Natural Gas Pressure Regulator 225,000 BTU, 4-1/8" Width Temperature Fixed 425 Degrees F More. Fryer Deep Commercial Automatic Frying Machine Automatic Fryer Machine Deep Fryer Gas Commercial … When replacing Left Belt it is recommended to replace the Right Belt part #B-203-6804 as well for best operation. Maxitrol # RV48L-66-0001 NRE # 130027 --- Price Per LP Gas Pilot Orifice = US$7.78, Dean Fryer LP Gas Safety Valve Regulator With 3/4" To 1/2" Reducer Bushing Dean Reference # 807-1846 $1,167.00. (1) Robershaw Valve The product specifications page will list the fryer that each part fits, so you can be certain you're getting the right one. Was: … | 11/26/2020 12:43am | 305 KaTom Drive, Kodak, TN 37764 | 800.541.8683 |, Frymaster GPCRB, GPCR, GPCB, & GPC Pasta Cookers (1). All items are not stocked at all shipping locations. NRE # 030665 --- Price Per LP Gas Regulator = US$40.96, Dean Fryer Nat Gas Safety Valve Regulator (4EA) Orifices Dean # 8102035 250,000 BTU, LP Gas Pressure Regulator Each product has a unique model number just like your car. How do I find my model number? *****KIT CONTAINS***** For Dean Fryer Models: SM35GM, SR62 (And Others) Dean Natural To LP Gas Conversion Kit Dean Reference # 810-0162 Preset At Factory to 8.0 Has (2EA) 1/2" Side FPT Outs. Dean Reference # 812-1227 The valuable asset about this cord, is if it accidentally is pulled on, the magnets will disconnect it from the appliance without spilling or tipping over any of the ingredients inside. Dean Fryer KX Type, Dip Sealed Thermostat NRE # 051408 --- Price Per Thermostat Knob = US$36.24, Dean, MV Type, Natural Or LP Gas Safety Control Valve NRE # 051381 --- Price Per Knob = US$4.99, Dean Knob Visit our repair center for instructional repair videos and articles. NRE # 051427 --- Price Per Double Basket Hanger = US$134.40, 1-1/4" x 10" Dean Fryer Drain Nipple Dean Fryer 13-3/4" Wire Style Basket Hanger Check Out : New and Used Equipment : Hot Side Parts : Cold Side Parts : Shipping: Payment Options: 4710 Swift Creek School Rd, Whitakers, NC 27891 252-451 … Temperature Range: 200 - 400 Degrees F NRE # 020812 --- Price Per Deep Fryer Thermometer = US$5.99. NRE # 033402 --- Price Per KX Type Thermostat = US$198.46, Dean Fryer LC117 Type Safety Thermostat With Auto Reset If belts are worn or stretched they need to be replaced to provide best performance. Dean Reference # 826-2019 Have a rusty, old, or damaged handle on your gas grill that needs replacing? (1EA) Honeywell Gas Valve Conversion Kit If your fryer is built to accept only one type of fuel, you'll need a conversion kit to make use of the other. NRE # 030664 --- Price Per LP Gas Regulator = US$52.32, Dean Fryer Natural To LP Gas Regulator Conversion Kit

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