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4.5% ABV. A very light beer has around 95 calories 3 grams of carbs and 12 grams of alcohol. For further information on our products, or if you have any questions, please visit our website at or call our Corona Refresca Brand Ambassadors at 1-800-295-1032, Monday - Friday 10am - 8pm EST. 0% Iron 0mg. Visit our site for complete nutrition facts for this item and 185000 other foods. The % Daily Value (DV) tells you how much a nutrient in a serving of food contributes to a daily diet. Flavored malt beverages from Mexico that bring the taste of the tropics to you. 2%. My neighbour says it’s sugar-free, but I suspect that it’s every bit as sugary and syrupy as the rest of its ilk in the flavoured malt beverage market. With an ABV of 4.5%, Corona Refresca has 199 calories per 12-oz. Sharing berkas dan pembelajaran guru paud, tk, ra. Passionfruit lime guava lime and coconut lime. Corona has a new sparkling malt beverage they’re calling Refresca, and, try as I might, I simply cannot find any nutritional info or even an ingredients list for it anywhere! 4.1% ABV. 248g we hope the information we have provided is helpful. The % Daily Value (DV) tells you how much a nutrient in a serving of food contributes to a daily diet. 0% Calcium 0mg. This Corona Refresca Spiked Tropical Cocktail Variety Pack includes 12 slim cans of premium lime flavored malt beverages, featuring four canned drinks each of Guava Lime, Passionfruit Lime, and Coconut Lime flavors. 24.5 Net Carbs Per Serving. *. Constellation took a similar approach with its new low calorie corona. Corona Refresca calories and carbs are aspects you … 12 fl oz contain 178 calories 228g net carbs and 0g fat. 4.5% ABV. 0%. Taste the tropics of Mexico with the vibrant, refreshing, and natural lime and guava flavors of these sweet drinks. The refresca drinks are imported from mexico and available in three tropical inspired flavors. In a column chart for in... Buying directly from glock inc. Glock is proud to offer the exclusive blue label program to support those who protect and serve comm... Lss can help coordinate fire door re certification with one of the few fire door certification entities in the country. 0%. I finally just emailed them and asked them for it. Get nutrition information for corona items and over 185000 other foods including over 3000 brands. There are 148 calories in a 1 bottle serving of corona corona extra. Corona refresca is more comparable to the bud light lime a rita line. Regardless of whether or not the dealer is a blue label dealer or not. 0 fat 100 carbs 0 protein. A 12-pack that include all three tropical flavors—passionfruit lime, guava lime and coconut lime—will be available for a suggested retail price of $16.99. The passion fruit one has got 178 calories, guava lime consists of 185 calories and coconut lime has 191 calories in it (per 12 oz). One regular beer is about 150 calories 13 grams of carbs and about 14 grams of alcohol. Corona Refresca Guava Lime Flavored Mexican Malt Beverage is a premium spiked refresher that delivers the taste of the tropics from Mexico to you with vibrant and refreshing … Corona Refresca comes in three tropical flavors: passionfruit lime, guava lime and coconut lime. Amino Acid Glycine, 33 Private Label Protein Powder Manufacturers, 31 Correctly Label The Following Anatomical Features Of The Spinal Cord, 34 Assets Red Hot Label By Spanx Leggings, 34 How Do You Create A Shipping Label On Mercari, 30 Label All The Parts Of Speech In The Sentence, 34 Lincoln Navigator Black Label Interior, 30 Label Continents And Oceans Worksheets, 35 How To Remove Label Adhesive From Plastic, 32 Is Folic Acid Required On A Food Label, 34 Price Of Johnnie Walker Gold Label Reserve, 32 Black Label Society Fields Of Unforgiveness, 30 Wholesale Organic Skin Care Products Private Label, 34 Avery Index Maker Clear Label Dividers 5 Tab.

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