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Either way, they’re fried golden brown and dusted with cinnamon sugar, so they can’t really be bad. #Classic "The bread is slightly squashed and not fully toasted, but opens to reveal a generous two rashers of bacon underneath a smear of sauce. No. The gimmicks prove that not every innovation is a step forward. There's no need to pick between a savory breakfast and a sweet one when you can have both with this new option from Burger King. Real as it is terrifying, this pizza comes topped with surf and turf … It's brunch you can take to go. Take it to your taste buds in the AM. New, 2 comments. This sandwich is pretty straightforward—a piece of fried chicken between two glazed doughnuts for $5.99. Those numbers put the meal much closer to the McDonald's Big Breakfast found in the United States, olives be damned. Read on for 15 fast food items that are so over the top it’s hard to believe that these were actually unleashed on the public. If a $3,600 airline ticket isn't in the budget right now, you can hack together this burger yourself, thanks to the all-day availability of McDonald's breakfast here in the States. That sounds like a lot until you consider that there’s more than 25,000 Subways in America — meaning you’ve got about a 1-in-50 chance of finding this meatless sandwich. Redbook participates in various affiliate marketing programs, which means we may get paid commissions on editorially chosen products purchased through our links to retailer sites. I think we can safely say that we won’t be seeing stateside Subways offering sausages any time soon. and more news to start your day, The Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals Worth Checking Out, A few of our favorite things on sale now and through the weekend, America’s Dive Bars Are Among Those Hit Hardest by Alex Trebek’s Death, Family of a Publix Employee Allegedly Not Allowed to Wear Mask Is Suing the Chain for His Death, Gerardo Gutierrez, a deli worker described as ‘friendly, dedicated and charismatic,’ died in April after contracting the novel coronavirus, 8 Highly Giftable Cookbooks by New York Chefs, These new cookbooks are perfect for those missing their favorite NYC restaurants, Sign up for the What? That couldn't be further from the case with KFC Singapore's chicken sandwich with a deep-fried mac-and-cheese bun. As if it couldn’t get any better, the massive nachos only cost $7.99. 48. The 15 Most Bizarre Fast-Food Menu Items of All Time (Slideshow). You can check those out below, but be warned: You will probably get hungry while reading this. I, personally, draw the line at seafood and Taco Bell. Genius! If you're looking to the Turkish Breakfast Plate as a way to cut fat and calories, however, you'd better look twice. The Turkish Breakfast Plate includes a toasted English muffin, scrambled eggs, and a smorgasbord of lighter fare, including sliced cucumber, olives, cherry tomatoes, and a few cubes of salty cheese. 4 min read. Fast food is a competitive industry that requires new gimmicks to stay relevant. However, we just want to know whose idea this was in the first place. Oh, and there’s a cherry on top. We’ve rounded up 15 of the wildest, most over-the-top fast-food menu items that we’ve encountered, and while several are from the U.S., the vast majority are international items. Subway Japan: Sausage and Barbecue Sub In August 2013, Subways in Japan added a new meat to the menu: a long sausage, topped with barbecue sauce. The gimmicks prove that not every innovation is a step forward. If you have room left over for fries...not to worry...the Chicken and Waffle Basket comes with that too! Get a small for just $2!

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