derive an expression for numerical aperture of an optical fibre

They work under the principle of total internal reflection from diametrically opposite walls. Here we will discuss, What is Amplitude Modulation and various Amplitude Modulation Techniques. But as we have already discussed that for the total internal reflection to take place, it is required that the incidence angle must be more than the critical angle. Let $n_1$ & $n_2$ be the refractive indices of core and cladding and no be the refractive medium from which light is launched into the fibre. Log in. 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To find the numerical aperture of a given optic fibre and hence to find its acceptance angle. If a ray enters an optic fiber at a steep angle(ii), when this ray intersects the core-cladding boundary, the angle of intersection is too large. Focus on any one light ray. Go ahead and login, it'll take only a minute. Define Electronic Polarization and obtain the relevant mathematical expressions for Electronic Polarization in terms of the radius of the atoms. This preview shows page 2 - 5 out of 42 pages.. triangular 4. Fundamentals of Physics, 6th Edition, D. Halliday, R. Resnick, and J. Walker, John Wiley, and Sons, New York (2001). For a core of refractive index n1 and a cladding of refractive index n2 such that n1 > neval(ez_write_tag([[468,60],'problemsphysics_com-box-3','ezslot_8',246,'0','0']));2, In this way light can be taken anywhere because fibers have enough flexibility. NA= Sin θa where θa, is called acceptance cone angle. Derive expression for Fractional refractive index change or relative refractive index. Since  light is guided through the fiber it is sometimes called an optical wave guide. Your email address will not be published. You will see that total internal reflection takes place inside the core every time at the core cladding interface. Download our mobile app and study on-the-go. What are the properties of Nano Materials? Log in. Show that FCC Crystals are closely packed than BCC and SC crystals by working out the packing factors. Explain Optical Fiber Communication Link with a block diagram. Derive an expression for numerical aperture of a step index fiber (10) Briefly, explain about Edge and Screw Dislocations. If the electron and hole densities are each equal to 3 x 1013 per cm2, calculate the conductivity. If this condition is satisfied then the light ray can propagate inside the core of The optical fiber with total internal reflection. As we also know that, when a light ray propagates from a denser medium to the rarer medium, it deviates away from the normal. You must be logged in to read the answer. For air n0 =1. Derive the relation between Einstein’s Coefficients. What are the factors affecting Architectural Acoustics and explain the remedies? Describe any three processes by which Nanomaterials are fabricated. Now first we will understand the concept of acceptance cone. what is the value of numerical aperture of optical fibre. It is measure of amount of light that can be accepted by fiber N.A depends on R.I of core and cladding. 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Definition: The measurement of an optical fiber ability to collect the occurrence light ray in it is known as the numerical aperture. The acceptance angle of an optical fibre is defined based on a purely geometrical consideration it is the maximum angle of a ray (against the fibre axis) hitting the fibre core which allows the incident light to be guided by the core. Practical Physics, C.L Arora, S. Chand &Co. (2012). i.e. Physics B.Tech 1st-year Study Materials Pdf, B.Tech 1st-year Engineering Physics Question Papers Pdf, Laser Fundamentals, William T. Silfvast, 2nd edition, Cambridge University Press, New York (2004). Explain the principle of Optical Fibre Communication and write a note on Attenuation. fiber then press "Calculate". NA= Sin θ a where θ a , is called acceptance cone angle. Let us consider the optical fiber into which light is launched. and the maximum angle α. for which total internal refraction inside the fiber occurs which also called the angle of acceptance. How to download Btech First-Year Engineering Physics Textbooks Pdf? Here the core acts as a denser medium while the cladding as a rarer medium. Answer: The light propagates through the fiber only when its angle of incidence at launching end is less than or equal to a certain value. Your email address will not be published. Now again observe the image. Therefore the light ray propagates inside the core of The optical fibre with successive total internal reflections. These relationships are given here in the image below-. An optic fiber  consists of a core that is surrounded by a cladding  which are normally made of silica glass or plastic. This mak What is the importance of acceptance angle in fiber optics communication. For the total internal reflection to take place, it is required that the light rays entering into the fibre must be confined to this cone. Here you will find Free Google Games to Play Now. How the Nano Materials are fabricated using bottom-up, top-down, and chemical vapor deposition methods. Enter the refractive index of the outside n, the refractive index of the core n, , the refractive index of the cladding n. and the angle of incidence α of the ray coming from the left outside the What we mean by Acceptance cone, is also explain here. The short form of this is NA that illustrates the efficiency with the light which is collected within the fiber to get propagated. Consider an optical fibre having a core  of refractive index n1 and cladding of refractive index n2. Applying Snell`s law to launching end, sin∅=cosr condition for T.I.R $sin∅_c$ ≥ $n_2$ / $n_1$, sinr ≤ ($n_1^2$ - $n_2^2$ ) / $n_1$ ...................................(2). A paramagnetic material has a magnetic field intensity of 104 A/m. In order to understand the propagation of light through an optical fibre, consider the figure (2). Single Mode Fiber Connectors. In other words we can say, if the light ray is out of the acceptance cone, then the incidence angle is smaller than the critical Angle and in this case total internal reflection will not take place.

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