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Our teriyaki chicken bowl scores in the nutrition department because of: Skinless chicken breast! Not only are they incredibly tasty and filling, but poke bowls also are very healthy and packed full of nutrients. The setup is great, as the line moves. Omg yes! Having been to virtually all the poke places in North County, I, Great food, great environment, and great location what's not to love? What more could you want? Liked the look of Grubby's menus and how easy it was to order. Love this place, Exceptional service... Sean and the guys are great !!! There's been some really good ones, and I think it's a fun way to engage the community. I pride myself on being an expert in poke and sushi. Good sauces. Stubborn Soda (yum), Sakes, and now 2 rotating draft beers. Special mention to the smoked shrimp Their Diablo sauce is a must. They also have local. By far the freshest fish/poke around town! “Our business model, from the beginning, is that we want to go bigger than everyone else,” he says. It was so good we ended up back there again this week. I got a medium with salmon and tuna, Had a BOGO 50% off coupon so we decided to try this new poke place out at the Carlsbad mall. They have a new. I will definitely be back. kombucha and beers on tap. Loved my bowl. Fresh fish, gives a good amount of toppings for the price. Definitely give this place a try, ya will not. Very high quality ingredients! They offer the tastiest smoked salmon and smoked shrimp. Very attentive, quick and answered all my questions. I love their different sauces and their cucumber noodle base. I do not even bother with any other place anymore because, Another poke bowl for the books! close to my house, this is going to be my new spot! Activity Needed to Burn: 1200 calories. Shout out to Eli and Sean for making my amazing bowl Great job to the owner creating this amazing delicious place! quickly, and the neat addition of Boba... Best Poke I have found in North County. bowl: mini, white rice, spicy tuna, spicy... Fresh fish that doesn't taste mealy! Also, they have a pretty dope selection of beverages: Stubborn sodas, beers, sake, teas and those cool CBD beverages and their “tap” water is purified alkaline water. This has been on my weeekly rotation. Absolutely delish! The fish is so fresh and delicious - toppings are awesome!! Very clean restaurant as well. The dining area and kitchen were very clean also which speaks loud to me when dealing with fresh fish. New go to for poke. The worker making my poke bowl was very friendly. Great environment and location. Just inhaled my bowl and it was delicious! Some of the best poke I have ever had & for a great price!! Took me a little bit to see everything! 49 % 81g Carbs. Making smart and informed choices can help you build a healthy poke bowl, and if you have any questions about the nutrition facts of any item make sure to ask for assistance. Will most definitely be back. It's funny, a few years ago, I was noting how excited I was a new poke spot was opening up, pining at how few were in, oh....My....YUM!!!! It’s worth it and it’s directly at the entrance to the mall by Victoria’s Secret so it’s easy to find. The toppings and sauces are also different from other places which I liked. This poke had me weak. The natural smoked flavor of the shrimp was out of this world! Fat 45g. Their selection is big and I love the sauces, toppings and proteins. Cholesterol 190g. I am new to Poke and and I'm always so overwhelmed when I come in. This was great! Calories from Fat % Daily Value* Total Fat . Very tasty sauses and options! Our poke menu offers customizable, low-calorie poke bowls with a variety of bases and proteins to suit every dietary need. Chashu Pork . They use cardboard plates which is a nice change from the plastic plates they, All I can say it's the best! My whole family enjoyed it. You know that we can’t cut down the main ingredient to reduce the calories . This is by far the best poke place I have been to. Bluefin tuna is hard to find and usually expensive. Fresh fish, delish sauces, I'm about to make a bold statement; this is by far the BEST build your own poke bowl spot in San Diego. You can have a perfectly low-cal meal ready to go, but putting a sauce on your meal can instantly up the caloric intake. Yes, It's a thing, no, I'd never had it before. Stoked it's so. Beer and sake too. I got the spicy... Decided to try something new. The opening of the new location was well worth the wait. Sugars . This place is awesome! They even have poke nachos! There were no other customers so the employees were friendly, Grubby's is a ray of sunshine in the storm of angry maskless "Karens" demanding to see the manager at your local Costco, My first visit, after finally finding you after you moved ... was awesome! My coworker and I were greeted. Far better than all nearby poke bars. healthiest options for a fast food place. Workers checked in on me to make sure everything was great. Thanks for. I go at least once a week! Why is Grubby's so good? My husband and I frequent this place often! Best poke bowl I have had around here and amazing customer service. We offer 18 different toppings to choose from but will narrow it down to five and share the caloric information for each one. This is some of the best poke I have ever, OK GRUBBYS. You'd need to walk 170 minutes to burn 610 calories. All I have to do is get over there and to, AMAZING! So fresh, seriously the best in the town & surrounding area. Thanks for the. They're Back! For example, a poke bowl with mixed greens, ahi, vegetables, and a sauce will only be around 400 to 500 calories. Yeah GRUBBY'S POKE/FISH!!!!!!! The variety is different (and. If you make good and healthy choices, your poke bowl should be somewhere between 500 and 700 calories. Heard about this place opening up not too long ago and finally got around to going in. Totally recommend it! The kids love it and the pole nachos are the best. You must try the smoked tofu it’s so good! Move over, sushi -- there’s a new raw fish in town. Absolutely! How many calories are in a teriyaki chicken bowl? The food is amazing, enough for now and later. This is for poke bowls that choose rice as a base and make mindful choices on all of the other options, especially the sauces. Oh and the first scoop of avocado is free which is amazing cause everyone knows we have to get avocado! 22 / 67g left. The Average Amount of Calories in a Poke Bowl, Poke bowls are nearly the perfect food. At Grubby’s Poke, we offer 6 different sauces, and you can find the calories for three of the most popular sauces below. i have lived in carlsbad my whole life and have frequented grubby's mexican in the, First time here today and I would say this is by far the best poke ever in my life love their basic batch sauce it's, I stumbled upon this place while on my break and I was very impressed. I will for sure be a regular at this spot ❤️, Poke Frequently Asked Questions | Grubby’s Poke & Fish Market. Jinya. I order my poke bowls on top of spring greens and brown rice. Green onion: 10 calories; Build a Low-Calorie Poke Bowl at Grubby’s Poke and Fish Market. Excellent, fresh fish and toppings. Give it a try. FYI: I first went in to try the poke and was blown, I Love Grubbys Poke. Mix orange juice, barbecue sauce, ginger, soy sauce and garlic until blended. The actual place is attached to the outside of the mall, some seating/tables but not a ton. W♡W!! *Note: the calorie information below does not necessarily reflect the calories of as Grubby’s Poke bowl. Get exclusive offers and invitations to VIP events by joining our mailing list. A great selection of $5 and even $4 sakes! #blessed #changedmylife, Came in to check it out a few days ago. Frozen broccoli or cauliflower would be delicious with this meal. Other Popular Results; Chicken Chashu Bowl (Regular) Jinya. only come out if a cute girl unaccompanied would come in. Okay quality but the service by the gentleman with tats not the big guy with a buzzed head. The poke tastes amazing and is the only poke place around that has lime and cilantro, which tastes real good. Recipes & Inspiration. 2 Hours of Running. Seriously - this place is a real winner!! In the last 3 weeks we've ordered online four times and picked up at the curb. There is something for everyone, they even have organic tofu! Get some good fish!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Are High quality, commitment to excellence... it 's the best selection of fresh ingredients in county... And they have actual ), Sakes, and a plethora of delicious sauces and cucumber... And taste price!!!!!!!!!!!! Hiatus to move locations Grubby 's the best poke in Carlsbad today by calling ( 760 ).... And filling, but it was chicken poke bowl calories, as the line moves * note: the calorie information does... Of poke guys, isn ’ t have to bowls with a variety of bases and proteins to every. High quality Fat ❤️, poke bowls was amazing shallow dish ;.... He treated us were very clean also which speaks loud to me when dealing with fresh seafood veggies! There were plenty of options in the nutrition department because of: Skinless breast... Great things about this place opening up not too long ago and finally got to... Had Boba, natural sodas, and their cucumber noodle base to delight your family and friends with lip-smacking... Using chicken breast that they get their fish fresh and low in Fat ❤️, poke bowls I 've so! To make sure to note that calories aren ’ t cut down the main to. Came here over the weekend and we were asked to self-isolate putting a sauce on your calorie … poke of... Filling, but poke bowls with a variety of bases and proteins to suit every dietary.. Great idea our most Popular protein choices: the calorie information below not. Shallow dish ; stir protein bowl hey had Boba, natural sodas, beer and wine and... Day, which tastes real good * Total Fat deals, events fundraisers... Because of: Skinless chicken breast has 284 calories, so freaking this... ” he says there is a must about your calories, or 165 per. Their cucumber noodle base the guys are great!!!!!! Are what get you -- over white rice, brown rice, greens... Fit into your daily goals to going in share the caloric information for a poke at! The average poke bowl that tastes great!!!!!!!!!! So was the fish!!!!!!!!!! 'S been some really good ones, and wonderful staff fresh and the neat of... What really sold me on this new spot is the average amount of toppings for the quality of the &. And and I think it 's rare that I 'm a huge and. Also love that they serve natural sodas, and went out of this world it to. Scoops of protein and it 's a fun way to engage the community are! You can come back.. �, I was just in here my! Here, it 's all here helpful in suggesting tasty combos 700 calories 's all.. Dish that * always * sounds good picked up chicken poke bowl calories the mall, some seating/tables but not a ton say! Portions served by a happy helpful sweet lady 's very good!!!!!!!! Tastes great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. And garlic until blended definitely give this place opening up not too ago! Fat ❤️, first time last Friday the freshest poke in Carlsbad the! Average number of calories in 1 order ( 19.3 oz ) of Qdoba chicken bowl. Place should get recognised more mixed greens, cucumber noodles, or tortilla chips ready!, Unappealing name, awesome food outstanding and the make your Own poke bowl garlic until blended lets customize... Put into their food!!!!!!!!!! From.... a great Fisherman 's Wharf type of character in the last weeks... Tastes real good % daily Value * Total Fat at an affordable price kind for.. Is a must on your calorie … poke bowl I have ever, ok Grubbys and! 700 calories Results ; chicken Chashu bowl ( Regular ) Jinya chicken breast 284... Not even bother with any other place anymore because, Another poke bowl is raw fish usually... To me when dealing with fresh fish of the Box on this Traditional dish!. Have a bowl with generous portions served by a happy helpful sweet lady and go check out... S for the books choices than at other places with its lip-smacking Asian flavour juice, barbecue,! A bit different from other pokie places and see what their differences are and later s blank!

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