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[9] In the plaza, a statue of Tiberius was set up by fourteen cities of Asia Minor to honor the relief he sent them after earthquakes in 17 and 23 A.D.[2], Following the reigns of Caesar and Augustus, a total reconstruction of the Forum took place, headed by the Roman Emperor Domitian. At the time of Trajan 113 d. C., after leveling the tasks necessary to build its Forum, the Temple of Venus Genetrix was rebuilt completely. As part of the dedication, lavish games were funded by Caesar, indicating the staggering cost and thus the personal interest that Caesar had invested in the project. Forum of Caesar. On this axis the temple was built, facing south-east. Diocletian restored the forum after a fire in 283 A.D.[2], In the sixteenth century, excavations unearthed the travertine and tufa foundations of the Temple of Venus Genetrix, as well as remains of columns and frieze. Powered by UBB.threads™ 7.5.7 [2] Dio also stated that Caligula added a statue of his sister Drusilla inside the temple after her death. When Octavian, Caesar's adopted son and heir, came to power he erected and inaugurated the Temple of Caesar in 29 BC. [2] A gilded statue of Cleopatra VII was erected, setting a precedent for dedications to notable women in the precinct. Your use of Caesars Rewards benefits and/or your continued participation in the Caesars Rewards program indicates your acceptance of the current Caesars Rewards program terms and conditions, available at One and a half years before his murder. on the spot where Caesar was cremated. The spot became a cult site. The emperor himself intervened also on the Caesarian spaces creating a big semi-circular latrine (forica), equipped with a heating system and with an entrance from the Clivus Argentarius that maybe was symmetrically replicated on the opposite side of the structure. The forum had an elongated square, whose dimensions were 160 x 75 meters which had a double-gate U-shaped vessel, 16 meters wide in each of its sides. Caesar used his great wealth accumulated from the conquest of Gaul to purchase a large portion of land contiguous with the Forum, along the Capitoline Hill slopes (Cicero, Letters to Atticus, 4.16.8).The back end of the forum butted up against the tuff ridge that connected the Quirinal Hill to the Capitoline Hill, removed in the construction of the Forum of Trajan (probably under Domitian). As Caesar became more and more involved in this project, the Forum became a place for public business that was related to the Senate in addition to a shrine for Caesar himself as well as Venus Genetrix. The Forum of Caesar also had an effect on the Curia, which Caesar began to reconstruct in 44 BC. Caesar (gens Julia) claimed descent from Venus through his ancestor Julus. All that remains of the forum is part of the enclosure wall of peperino on the south-west side (Via delle Marmorelle 29), 12 metres high and 3.70 thick, and some small vaulted chambers or tabernae opening into the corridor of the forum through a row of peperino arches with Anio tufa piers and travertine imposts. Please sign in below. The Forum of Caesar originally meant an expansion of the Forum Romanum. The structure was characterized by a total axiality and by the dominating presence of the temple. [2] On the eve of the Battle of Pharsalus in 48, Caesar vowed a temple to Venus Victrix, the legendary progenitor of his own clan, the gens Iulia. Book A Room. [1][5] On completion in 46 BC it was dedicated to Caesar and his deeds. The forum measured 160 x 75 m, stretching from the Argiletum on the southeast side of the Forum Romanum to the Atrium Libertatis. The plan of this forum had been conceived as early as 54 B.C., for in that year Cicero and Oppius engaged in purchasing land for Caesar from private owners, and had already paid sixty million sesterces. Coordinates: 41°53′38.43″N 12°29′5.77″E / 41.8940083°N 12.4849361°E / 41.8940083; 12.4849361. About Forum of Caesar. At the center of the square stood the equestrian statue of Caesar, to the temple of his divine ancestor, Venus Generatrix. Friday - Saturday 10 AM - 10 PM . The Forum of Caesar also had an effect on the Curia, which Caesar began to reconstruct in 44 BC. The official version was that the Forum of Caesar was built as an extension of the Roman Forum, as a result of population increase was insufficient to develop their roles and monumental administrative center. In the forum Caesar allowed the erection of a statue of himself wearing a cuirass, and he himself dedicated a statue of his horse with ‘humanis similes pedes priores’, on which the dictator was mounted. Work was probably begun in 51, during Caesar’s absence in Gaul. affittacamere n. N. QA/2018/12169 del 13/03/2018 p.iva 14623661007 REA RM - 1534182. In 42 BC, Caesar was deified by the Senate. Forum of Caesar (1998-2011): Archaeological Investigations, Related Studies, Exhibitions, Publications, & Digital Resources. The event certainly caused an interruption of the works, which started again in the year 42 BC, thanks to a Senate law that allowed the works to be carried on. [2], In late May 2006, a team of archaeologists under the direction of Anna de Santis and Paola Catalano [10] unearthed an inhumation tomb dating from the 10th century BC in the Forum of Caesar, in comparison to the previous five cremation tombs unearthed there from July 1999 to April 2006. The construction of the new Curia was in fact approved by the Senate only at the start of the year 44 BC, two years from the inauguration of the Forum and Caesar’s date of death, who probably not even saw the start of it. Archaeological Investigations and Restoration works (1930-33, 1998-2011). The Forum of Caesar, also known by the Latin Forum Iulium or Forum Julium, Forum Caesaris,[1] was a forum built by Julius Caesar near the Forum Romanum in Rome in 46 BC. The temple of Venus was pycnostyle and built of solid marble. [11], The Forum of Caesar and the Temple of Venus Genetrix. Additional Info. Usiamo i cookie per assicurarti la migliore esperienza di navigazione possibile sul nostro sito web. [2][3] Forum construction began probably in 51 BC, although Cicero and Gaius Oppius were entrusted with purchasing the parcels of land on Caesar's behalf as early as 54 BC. Your email address will not be published. [2][8] In the time of Hadrian, and perhaps earlier, a fountain with three basins connected by low walls was set in front of the temple, with a statue of the Empress Vibia Sabina placed on a base adjacent to it.[4]. Northwest of the ancient forum of the republic. The Forum of Caesar or “Foro di Cesare” in Rome is one of a series of Imperial Forums built by successive Roman emperors. The ten tabernae located on the western side of the Forum and its now close approximation to the Senate house symbolized the unity that Caesar felt between himself and the Senate. Generated in 0.040 seconds in which 0.017 seconds were spent on a total of 11 queries. FORUM OF CAESAR A NEW JOURNEY THROUGH THE HISTORY OF ANCIENT ROME. The Forum of Caesar originally meant an expansion of the Forum Romanum. SOURCE:A Topographical Dictionary of Ancient Rome by Samuel Ball Platner, Your email address will not be published. Thus was formed the Forum Iulium. The statue of Venus Genetrix by Arcesilas, which Caesar set up, in foro Caesaris, was probably in the cella of the temple. The Forum of Caesar (Foro di Cesare) was built by Julius Caesar near the Forum Romanum in Rome in 46 BC.Caesar decided to construct a forum bearing his name in the northeast section of the Forum Romanum, of which he purchased a very expensive, select amount of parcels of land in that area.

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