long war rebalance

Encourages grenade use by the bullet wizard, mayhem sniper, and mayhem rocketeer. This makes it the perk that is stronger with lots of enemies and weaker against 1. - Acid removes 100% of flat DR (from 50% of all DR, after penetration) - Makes a little more sense as now it doesn't affect things like Absorption Fields, cover, will to survive, hunkering, damage control, etc. This also adds some inconsistency to all reaction shots so you can't just walk up and OW someone point blank and guarantee the OW shot. - Fixed a bug where exalt units were doing more damage than intended with alien research upgrades, - Fixed a bug where salvage teams were being offered on missions other than crashed/landed UFOs, - Aliens gain their +2 research per alien base at the end of each month (instead of the beginning of each month) - Makes it so the increase is captured in the end of month report (otherwise the reports were misleading), - Successful UFO research missions award less alien research (2/3/4/5 instead of 2/4/6/8) - Was leading to maxing out alien research too quickly in the later game as each month the gains are increased by 10% and the additional range for each month is just +3-15 research (33-45), - UFO Bombing (Air Raid) missions now will fail if the UFO is decreased below half health (and will cause proprotionally less panic above 50% health) - Now all UFO missions that are airborne (scouts, hunts, bombing) fail at 50% or less health and will decrease the chance of success proportionally to their health, - Chance to test for panic on Exalt increased to 30% (from 20%) - Reasonable considering their numbers, - Tactical Sense renamed to Tactical Mobility - Makes it seem more about your ability to move than your ability to think which makes it more believable on certain aliens and on armors, - Onslaught does not grant point blank shots a free action, only the KSM - It was too strong with both. - Shaken now only lowers will be 10 per allied death (from 15) - Helps prevent will from plummeting as much during "dangerous" times, - Officer Perk: International Warriors replaced with Clutch Leadership: Squad receives +2 aim per enemy in sight and +5 defense when protected by cover - Buffed, removed the continent requirements (as it felt odd) and replaced with # of enemies in sight as a more interesting and engaging mechanic, added some def that requires cover, - Officer Perk: Battlefield Aptitiude now grants +5 defense when protected by cover and +10 will (from just +5 defense at all times) - Buffed, includes cover-based defense and a will bonus. - Zombies gain a little more health with alien research - They are stronger now! - Assault tree loses Shadowstep + Snapshot + Bring 'Em On and picks up Grenadier + Fragmentation + Tandem Warheads - The Shadowstep + Snapshot was too effective at ignoring enemy reaction fire and was too similar to the RnG build (which was more unique). Note that rocket "range" is not affected by debuffs. :), - Officer perks should now be visible in the strategic user interfaces and the F1 list (but are still hidden in the bottom left) - Thanks to szmind for the idea, - Fixed a bug where acid would not apply on different elevations within the detonation sphere, - Fixed a bug where old descriptions of MEC 2ndary weapons would sometimes appear in the F1 list, - Fixed a bug where smoke and mirrors was not applying to mimic beacons (which count as support grenades), - Fixed a bug where flash bangs still weren't working on psionic units - they now do work on psionic units, - Failing a terror mission should now correctly be less punishing (half panic), - You can no longer skip around the 2 person limit for gene modifcation by using the barracks, - Suppression Module renamed to Targeting Motor - Didn't really make sense for the suppression module to improve reaction shots, - Fixed a bug where the # of medikits was sometimes 1 more and sometimes 1 less than it was supposed to be, - Reaction shots now properly have the increased damage, - Terror missions now correctly have 6 soldiers, - Interception time increased by 15% - Makes it slightly easier to down UFOs, - Aircraft repair time reduced by 10% - Makes getting planes back up in the air slightly faster, - The option to begin UFO Research and the identification of each UFO class occurs when you destroy or shot down a UFO - Makes all UFO research open sooner and UFOs easier to identify and allows indentification of fighters and destroyers. This completely changes how the battlescape plays. ), - Fixed an issue where DR was too high on XCOM SHIVs and MECs, - Pressing "J" will now end the active unit's turn - QoL, - Various color modifications to the in-game UI, - Combat Readiness now correctly only affects XCOM, - Fixed a bug where defense modifying small items were not affecting soldiers, - Fixed a bug where damage was being rounded instead of truncated after DR leading to DR not being as affective as intended, - Fixed a bug where outsiders had +8 or so DR for no reason - Hopefully it's fixed, again, it looked like it was native code that I can't see or anything but I think my work around will work, - Fixed an issue where suppression would sometimes not remove the cover based defense, - Fixed a bug where too many aliens were dying/damaged off the bat on crashed UFOs (now there will always be ~33% dead) - Made for some too easy crashed UFOs, - Fixed a bug where council missions were not granting the appropriate amount of cash and or sci/eng, instead just standardized all council missions to give a reasonable amount - Couldn't really fix the code, so I rewrote it, - Fixed a bug where MECs and SHIVs would sometimes gain the 'repair' ability, - Fixed a bug where combat readiness was being granted to units that were panicking, - Fixed a bug where the aliens on crashed UFOs were not dead/injured until the 2nd turn - Thanks to szmind for helping a LOT with the fix, - Fixed a bug where the displayed panic increases were only 5% additional per month for "continent increases" - Just a form of panic increase that wasn't updated correctly for display only (no functional change), - Fixed a bug where suppression reaction shots against targets that were acting were occuring at the same time as the first overwatch shots (they will occur sequentially now, as intended), - Fixed a bug where aliens would sometimes go on overwatch if they couldn't see any XCOM units but their allies could or if they could see a battle scanner, - Light armors gain +5 def, heavy armors no longer have -10 def and lose 0.5DR, aliens gain +5 aim - Turns the difference on armors into a bonus rather than a negative, makes it feels better, overall less significant for actual hit chances, still keeps the nerf on heavier armors, - Ready For Anything grants +2 armor health (from +1 DR) - Makes it a little less tank orientated and more generally useful, balance on the goliath tree, more fitting of someone who is 'ready for anything', - Outsider health to 6 (from 4) - They were a little too easy early on, - If you fail the exalt HQ raid, an exalt cell will perform a panic increase operation against a random country - Makes there some sort of negative of failing if you fail in a area where panic is already maxed, - You can no longer overwatch unless you can see an enemy or you have rapid reaction - Prevents players from wasting overwatch, - The combat readiness coloring of the armor health is more obvious now - QoL, - After strangle is released, the unit will sometimes not get an extra turn - bugs turn into features when Ucross can't fix them!

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