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The Narcissus produced by Agam Flower Bulbs are all of the N. tazetta section 8 and these are native to the Mediterranean region. Geographic subdivisions for Narcissus tazetta: SnFrB, SCo, n ChI, WTR, PR : MAP CONTROLS 1. In hardiness zones 8-11, however, this charming daffodil can also be planted outside in the garden where it will bloom annually for many years. While every effort has been made to describe these plants accurately, please keep in mind that height, bloom time, and color may differ in various climates. For any mistake in identification or for becoming efloraofindia e-group member (for contributing towards building of efloraofindia or otherwise), pl. The Plants Database includes the following 11 species of Narcissus . Delightfully fragrant, multiple award-winner Narcissus 'Geranium' bears clusters of 3-6 flowers per stem, adorned with creamy-white petals and deep orange-red cups in mid to late spring. 1753 Displayed in Delhi University Flower show on February 25, 2011 Another Temperate plant often cultivated in Delhi in winter. Umbels have as many as 8 flowers, white with a yellow corona. Robust and delightfully fragrant, award-winner Narcissus 'Minnow' is a charming Miniature Daffodil with clusters of 2-5 flowers per stem, adorned with pale yellow petals and buttercup yellow cups in mid spring. Popular since its introduction in 1915, it is best planted in warmer climates. Narcissus 'Inbal' (Tazetta Daffodil) is a delicately scented Paperwhite daffodil with large clusters of pure white flowers adorned with a flat cup. N.C. The Plants Database includes the following 11 species of Narcissus . Flower colour: white and yellow perianth colours with white, yellow or orange cups. Well-suited to forcing, this tender paperwhite daffodil usually blooms 3-5 weeks after planting. Even though this is a heterogeneous group, the characteristics of one of the ancestors (N. tazetta) are still fairly recognisable. You will want to think about this when choosing what to plant each fall. Handbook of the Amarylldaceae p 9, Baker, John Gilbert. Even though this is a heterogeneous group, the characteristics of one of the ancestors (N. tazetta) are still fairly recognisable. To create additional collections, you must be a paid member of our site. form a strategic partnership called N.C. It is tolerant of heat and drought. Cut foliage back after it has browned naturally. One of the earliest paperwhites to bloom, Narcissus papyraceus 'Ziva' (Tazetta Daffodil) is a sweetly scented daffodil with large clusters of pure white flowers. Average plant height: 15 - 35 cm. It is good for naturalizing and has a spreading habit. across (5 cm), slightly facing down and adorned with a flat cup. Many bulbs will produce multiple stems, forming lovely bouquets. Spacing between bulbs: 5 cm. This plant benefits from the addition of bone meal or superphosphate to the planting hole. 2. Planting & Care. Patrocles orientalis Salisb. It is not winter hardy, but is perfect for producing flowers in a short period of time when grown indoors and adds beauty inside the house during an otherwise drab time of year. They are grouped into 10 sections and there are over 50 species. Vomiting, salvation, diarrhea; large ingestions cause convulsions, low blood pressure, tremors, and cardiac arrhythmias. Delightfully fragrant, multiple award-winning Narcissus 'Cragford' displays clusters of 4-6 white rounded flowers adorned with vivid orange cups in mid spring. Because of its strong stem and sweet scent, this heirloom Tazetta Daffodil makes excellent cut flowers. 1753. Accept Easy to plant, Daffodils are extraordinarily rewarding every spring with their bright cheery blossoms warming our soul from the previous winter months. Can also be a skin irritant. Cookies, This site is protected by reCAPTCHA and the Google, Narcissus 'Canaliculatus' (Tazetta Daffodil), Narcissus 'Grand Soleil d'Or' (Tazetta Daffodil), Narcissus 'Scilly White' (Tazetta Daffodil), Narcissus Chinese Sacred Lily (Tazetta Daffodil), Narcissus papyraceus 'Ziva' (Tazetta Daffodil), Brighten Up Your Garden From January Through May with Colorful Flower Bulbs, Great Daffodils that Come Back Every Year. It is also naturalized across the Middle East, Central Asia, Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, Nepal and Bhutan, as well as the Canary Islands, China (Fujian, Zhejiang), Japan, Australia, Korea, Norfolk Island, New Zealand, Bermuda, Mexico and the United States (Oregon, California, Texas, Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, and West Virginia)[18] and South America. Narcissus Species: tazetta Family: Amaryllidaceae Life Cycle: Bulb Perennial Country Or Region Of Origin: Mediterranean, Afghanistan, China, Japan Particularly Resistant To (Insects/Diseases/Other Problems): Resistant to pest and disease. Characterised by scape with usually more than 4 flowers, smaller flowers with yellow crown usually shorter than one half of perianth segments. It is reported to boast better fragrance and stronger stems than the other modern paperwhite varieties. It can be grown outdoors in warm climates. Excellent for forcing (this division includes the world-famous but tender paperwhites), they also naturalize readily in wet-winter, dry-summer climates. Strongly fragrant and vigorous, award-winner Narcissus 'Avalanche' bears showy clusters of up to 10-20 small flowers with white petals and bowl-shaped, brilliant greenish-yellow cups in mid spring. Daffodils join tulips, hyacinths and crocuses to make up the most important of the spring-flowering plants. Flower colour: white and yellow perianth colours with white, yellow or orange cups. They also make gardening easy. 1894. What could be better? Liliaceae – Lily family Genus: Narcissus L. – daffodil Subordinate Taxa. Ideal for warmer climates, it is a great naturalizer and perfect for indoor forcing. Flore de France 13: 40, Journal of the Royal Horticultural Society, "Narcissus tazetta lectin shows strong inhibitory effects against respiratory syncytial virus, influenza A (H1N1, H3N2, H5N1) and B viruses",, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 27 September 2020, at 03:14. Consider this: spring is really three seasons - early, mid and late. Perianth segments are white, broad ovate, entire, and incurving. Narcissus Tazetta. Not sure which Narcissus - Daffodils to pick? Narcissus tazetta L. Common Name: Paperwhite Narcissus; Family: Amaryllidaceae J. St-Hil. Supplementum Plantarum Succulentarum 142, Rafinesque, Constantine Samuel. Wait till you see them! One cultivar, 'Cragford', is somewhat susceptible to frost damage. Paper White Narcissus is a perennial bulbous herb that grows up to 11⁄2'. redoutei (Rouy) P.Fourn., 1935, Svenska kärlväxtnamn (2011) Databas levererad av Thomas Karlsson 2011-06-16. 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