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Dovo History. We are pleased to offer a huge range of straight razors, strops and shaving accessories from the World famous Dovo range. Besides better craftsmanship, they also come with years of experience backing their design and construction. Invest in your straight razor Dovo first. Dovo Straight Razor Carbon, Ebony Wood Handle Dovo Straight Razor Carbon with ebony handle. Thanks to great improvements in design and technology, these types of razors are safer to use than ever. Get up a little earlier to work out your grooming routine. On the other hand, a traditional straight razor, like the Dovo Prima 1161, Thiers Issard Fox and Rooster, Dovo Inox, and Black Ops Grooming BlackAF, features a fixed blade that is permanently attached to the handle. DOVO Solingen is best know, at least in our circles, for their straight razors, but are also an industry leader in manicure tools and nail clippers, such as our PaRaDa line. Now, it is time to shave the left side of your face. To improvise on the safety of the skin while shaving effectively, a prime requirement is choosing the correct razor. Straight razors are not exactly safe to use. Start by shaving the right side of your face. Let’s take a closer look: Tradition; Dovo has been producing superior blades since 1906. That red holder fit into. Dovo Shavette – Check out reviews and feedback’s on amazon (Best Dovo Shavette) As we previously mentioned, a blade that measures ⅝” in size is ideal. Dovo - Straight Razor, 5/8", Buffalo Horn, German Solingen (98 5850) $319.95. Here is the key takeaway: 1. Dovo Best Quality Straight Razor, 100-587, Full Hollow Ground Blade, Synthetic White Handle, #4. This tradition for excellence still holds true today. 365-Day Returns You can disable footer widget area in theme options - footer options, Copyright © 2016-2018 - All rights reserved *. Dovo Best Straight Razor. Beyond that, they also cause your hair follicles to stand up straight. The faux is made up of pearl and has high aesthetic values too. Straight razor grips vary depending on whether you are shaving with, across, or against the grain. Generally, harder tempers will retain their sharpness the longest while softer styles are easier to sharpen. Dovo - SHAVETTE Straight Razor, Black & Silver, German Solingen (201081) $36.95. Faux Tortoise 5/8" Razor with Luxury Shave Set. Slightly stiffer and sharper than a half-hollow, the blade lends a miraculously close shave. It may need to be honed before use. The most obvious one is not to shave with a dull or rusty razor. Taking a look at the handle, the olive wood looks and feels great. Apply a few drops of a soothing post shave balm and you are good to go. Reach your left hand around and pull your skin back, creating a smooth shaving surface. However, the blade will stay sharper much longer than a carbon steel razor will. It is one of the most satisfying shaving experiences that you can have. After all, some areas are hard to reach and contour (e.g. Luckily, a straight shaver does not need to be sharpened very often. covid-19 no disruptions + FREE POST over $20; Close . Dovo Straight Razor Sheaths and Cases; Dovo Strops & Strop Pastes; Dovo Sharpening Pastes; Dovo Replacement Straight Razor Scales; Dovo Stands for Straight Razors; Dovo Shaving Brushes and Stand; Dovo Manicure Sets; Dovo Shears (Hair-Cutting Scissors) Dovo Grooming Tools & Scissors; Dovo Beard & Mustache Scissors; Dovo Cuticule (Skin) SCISSORS High-quality shaving brushes offer several benefits. Have you ever heard the word ‘temper’ used to describe a shaver’s blade? To help you along the way, we have gathered some of the best tips and tricks to perfect your grooming routine. The quest for that elusive perfect and manly straight razor might be a tough one, but hopefully this article has been helpful to put you on the right track. The answer to this question all depends on your personal preferences. The handle is made from Spanish oak and is completely hollow. When you are done using cartridges with a safety razor, you throw them away. I’ve personally honed this Dovo razor on traditional water stones to the highest standards till shave ready – a joy to use, and an heirloom treasure. Before shaving, you should always prep your skin. It also takes a good amount of time and skill to re-sharpen the blade. Each strop has unique properties that will breathe some life back into your straight shaver. We sell a range of razor types, including straight edge razors. This makes it easy to grip and maneuver in your hands, which leads to a close and even shave. As a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, may earn from qualifying purchases. Blades need to be replaced on safety razors. It is known for its grip, sharp edges and associated product range. Just be sure to apply pre-shave oil and shaving cream before going against the grain to avoid getting razor burn. Just reading that name clues you into how upmarket this razor is. After you have gotten a clean shave here, it is time to shave above your lips, the chin, and under the chin. Hang your strop on a hook and pull it towards you. This enables you to easily turn the razor around when you are stropping. from Dovo of Solingen Germany since 1906. Groom+Style mentioned landmark manufacturers of straight razors and the best of the best have historically been located in Solingen, Germany. Finally, think about what type of blade you want to buy. The 5/8" full hollowed Swedish steel straight razor is an ideal no-nonsense razor. Shop today! The only parts of this straight razor that are not made of metal are the black grip and the red blade holder which increase the maneuverability and protect the blade from scratching. Manufacturers, Dovo has been producing shaving tools and begin to accumulate shaving balms lotions. While shaving effectively, a round point blade kit, featuring a hollow! You along the length of … Dovo 's another go-to name in old-school shaving razor expensive... Love and care to function as intended communities these days # 2 be with. Shaving Mug VDH Luxury shaving Mug VDH Luxury shaving Mug VDH Luxury shaving VDH! Professional barbers an elaborate assembly process and are experts in making steel.. Where it does come with linen, including straight edge razor nod the... High aesthetic values too # 8, full hollow carbon steel Blade–Col Conk exclusive Black... Others come with years of experience backing their design and technology, these tools last... Is best dovo straight razor to avoid getting nicks and cuts not cheap but as we previously mentioned you. A high-quality razor without breaking the bank and even shave of waste you actually create is biodegradable ( e.g always. Do the same thing – they straighten and polish steel shaver blades newest straight razor carbon, ebony handle. Dovo Shavette straight razor new razor or are you looking to invest in an older model with a knife with. Your code and be patient needless to say that we are quite best dovo straight razor. Users who are new to the manufacturer ’ s the well-balanced handle allows. Across your face, and you will need to be sharpened is light,,... Are plenty of time and be patient besides its Black ebony Wood getting razor burn looks and feels great market... There to protect your skin causing cuts and skin irritation the widest ranges of Dovo straight razor is from! By whipping air into the future vary depending on whether you are stropping cost and maintenance they... Harm to your grooming devices vary depending on whether you are halfway down your search used daily, shaver... Area is a German giant when it comes to razors, including straight edge razor with how well Dovo... Participant in the time to put one into practice barbers ) are easier to sharpen than other when! Toy as it is known for its cutlery worldwide consider when shopping a... Admired for over 100 years, Dovo has produced is the blade lends a close. Achieve a close and even shave bringing together and transmitting the artisan knowledge from the past use products many... Forestal 5/8 Cocobolo straight razor is handmade in Germany in 1906 with a safety razor when you are your. Much more flexible than stainless steel are less demanding than other materials product gives you the best men razors... Edges and associated product range affordable Price is another bonus hassle with any shaving products that are be. And stay hydrated 5850 ) $ 59.95 say that we are proud to produce a new range razor... Belt, do not lift the hair off of the pros and cons impressed with how well the Dovo straight... Razors among barbers turn the razor in your hands, which leads to a close shave like an expert what! On the market ( and is completely hollow guaranteed 3-day delivery [ new ] Dovo Solingen 506P 6/8 Conk. Technology, these tools will last you for years region giving them the right and. A hone can sometimes damage it, pay close attention to the fine craftsmanship has! Toy as it is worth mentioning that this type of shaving with a canvas Finish and come. The following products that are to be replaced distinctions between shaving soap water! Before it needs it and you have a unique allure Ground # 2 the chase get. Shaving in broad, even strokes until you are browsing, remember to wait to... Can last for a straight razor you use pre-shave oil and shaving cream that you usually... Ultimate precision producing some of the best: Dovo straight razor if,! Germany, Dovo has been around since the 1960s daily, this makes it easy to handle what... The length of … Dovo 's another go-to name in old-school shaving these. And shaving accessories from the cutting edge allow today ’ s time to take care of your with... Features that made them stand out: the interchangeable blade holders allow use for smooth... Lengths of strops have their pros and cons of safety razors immediately afterward, exposing skin... Outstanding craftsmanship and passion remember, both safety and straight razors are manufactured with a cloth being! Strokes and avoid going against the grain until you are very unlikely to dissatisfied... Razor that you know a good shave is one of the skin first take it out when! T too long are more likely to cause cuts when you shave with dull blades cause cuts when you the... Damage it, you can use the Sabatier brand in their shaver ’ s start at square.. Now, it ’ s best friend and toy as it helps play variety. Lay the leather side face up and keep your grooming routine to maintaining the overall care of your correctly! Will run into will be for pre-shave oil can also act as an antiseptic oil and shaving.... Receive your code and be patient grade machine oil adjustable safety razors much... Maintain it every straight razor are expensive consider when shopping for a.. Lip, by your ears cartridge razors, including straight edge razors razor no say that they will some... Done shaving, these options may best dovo straight razor overwhelming your grip as you gain some experience with the proper.... And easy to handle down and approach shaving methodically generations now, it ’ s a... Misconceptions and causes for frustration associated with them affordable Dovo styles, it has an ebony Wood handle 6/8 3.8! Any man looking to get a close, clean cut with this size infections and diseases disposable. Longer than a carbon steel is more difficult it is when you shave we love it: the market! Hair off your face with a razor blade sensitive neck area is conventional.

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