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814-940-8600. Lychee Chinese Gourmet. Roughly break up the ice-cream with a large metal spoon. Pour the lychee mixture into a shallow metal container and cover with foil. Add to the egg-yolk mixture along with the orange rind and stir until well combined. 3. 2. Fruity ice-creams are in vogue today, and this recipe will help you ride the tide! Place in the freezer for 4 hours or until just frozen. 224 E CHESTNUT AVE, ALTOONA, PA, 16601-5204

Please call 814-650-1708 ONLY if you have any question about your online order. Perfect proportions of lychee pulp, cream, milk powder and other ingredients results in a tantalisingly creamy ice-cream with a snazzy flavour, while chunks of chopped lychee tease your taste buds in every mouthful. Place lychees in the bowl of a food processor and process until pureed.

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