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Simple present will become simple past. View Answer, 10. These Direct And Indirect Speech Quiz Questions are recommended for upcoming competitive and entrance exams or interviews. Get all latest content delivered straight to your inbox. direct and indirect speech rules pdf and indirect speech worksheets with answers class 6.reported speech mixed exercises with answers.questions on direct and indirect speech with answers.reported speech commands exercises pdf.reported speech wh questions exercises pdf.reported speech worksheets for grade 7.reported speech commands exercises.reported speech questions … Direct and Indirect Speech examples with present, past, future tense, with imperative, exclamatory, optative, with let and question sentences, pdf download. INDIRECT – Do you know what day the school reopens? Example 1: DIRECT – What day does the school reopen? a) She exclaimed sadly that she failed. c) He said he don’t believe me. The poor beggar exclaimed that God, have mercy on his soul. Difference Between Direct and Indirect Questions. Currently I am working as an Information Technology Teacher in Govt sector of Pakistan. Indirect speech is also called as : a) She said she was happy to be there that evening. Rajesh told that he had bought a car yesterday. c) She had said the man died in the afternoon. c) She said she is happy to be there that evening. INDIRECT – Do you know what day the school reopens? Answer: b Explanation: The statement is false. d) She said that my mother is cooking food. View Answer, 2. All Rights Reserved. All said to the beggar, 'I know you very well’. d) Principal speech MCQs on direct and indirect speech is an essential part of every objective-based jobs or university entry test exam. Khanna said to his wife,”Please select one of those sarees.”, He said to me, “Can you do these sums for me?”, I said to my mother, “I will certainly take you to Bangalore this week.”, Ravi said to the judge, “I did not commit this crime.”. 12. View Answer, 6. I’m ignorant of the matter.”, Raj asked me if I was teaching English online, Raj ordered that I am teaching English online. Direct and indirect questions are part of the mandatory test, whether it is a job test through the Punjab Public Service Commission or a test through the National Testing Service. These multiple-choice questions on direct and indirect speech are very helpful to solve PPSC lecturer jobs and FPSC science school teacher jobs written test. 3. View Answer, 8. I have failed.” Here you can find objective type Direct and Indirect Speech - Verbal Ability Questions & Answers Basic Direct and Indirect Speech - Verbal Ability Questions & Answers questions and answers for interview and entrance examination. b) She exclaimed sadly that she had failed. Direct & Indirect Speech Question And Answers For General English Candidates will find 20 Direct and Indirect Speech Questions and Answers on this page. Blogging is my passion and I try my best to deliver some useful contents on our blogs for my respectable readers. Convert the following direct speech to indirect : So 'I' has been changed to 'he' and 'would' in place of 'will'. Difference Between Direct and Indirect Questions. The poor beggar prayed to God to have mercy on his soul. Sanfoundry Global Education & Learning Series – Professional Communication. ”Will you stand still ?” he shouted angrily. c) She said that her mother is cooking food. a) True He said to me, “I don’t believe you.” Change 'will' into 'would' , the rest of the sentence will remain unchanged as it is in simple future tense. View Answer, 7. a) True b) False View Answer. Tom said, “I went to Vietnam to visit my family”. My friend asked me if my father had returned from Calcutta. This direct and indirect speech MCQ set 5 has MCQs which obeys the following rule. “How long does the journey take” my co-passenger asked me. I warned her that I could no longer tolerate her coming late. a) True In the direct form "reminded " will be substituted by "Do not forget to take ". A sentence has been given in Direct Speech. John's father reminded him to take his umbrella. Start your beginning, of anything you want by using our sample Direct/Indirect Speech Online Test and create yourself a successful one. Direct and Indirect Speech Dialogue Examples with Answers – 1. a) She said that her mother was cooking food. Take it and make use of it to the fullest. The traffic policeman warned him not to break the rule again. Indirect speech is when one quotes the exact words spoken by a speaker. Directions (1-30): In the following questions, a Sentence has been given in Direct/Indirect. Category Questions section with detailed description, explanation will help you to master the topic. Practice in advance of similar questions on Direct/Indirect Speech may improve your performance in the real Exams and Interview. My friend told me that his father had returned from Calcutta. “Are you taking back all your money ?” The clerk said to the man. From the given alternatives, choose the most appropriate sentence that best suits the given sentence in Indirect or Direct speech. Check your proficiency level in Direct and Indirect Speech, Copyright © Hit Bullseye 2020 | All Rights Reserved, Advanced Grammar (Subject-Object, Participles, etc. The teacher said to me where were you? He declared, “God knows I was ignorant of the matter.”, He said, “By God ! To acquire clear understanding of Direct/Indirect Speech, exercise these advanced Direct/Indirect Speech questions with answers. Questions on direct and indirect speech with answers Set 1, Direct and indirect speech multiple choice questions Set 2, Direct indirect speech multiple choice test set 3, Direct indirect speech multiple choice test set 4, Direct indirect speech multiple choice test set 6, English Preposition MCQs With Answers Set 1, Introduction to Software Engineering MCQs Set 1. Direct And Indirect Speech MCQ Questions and Answers from Competitive English Quiz Section. Indirect speech is when one quotes the exact words spoken by a speaker. "Are you going to take your umbrella or not ?" Fresherslive provides most simplest methods to answer any tough questions. View Answer, 4. Convert the following direct speech to indirect : a) Vineet ordered Nitin to go away. Rajesh said that he bought a car the previous day. The girl said, “How beautiful the rainbow is!”. DIRECTIONS for the question 1 to 15: A sentence has been given in Direct Speech. Solved examples with detailed answer description. © 2011-2020 Sanfoundry. Out of the four altenatives suggested select the one which best expresses the same sentence in Indirect Speech. She said, “My mother is cooking food.” Time Management for answering the Direct/Indirect Speech questions quickly is foremost important for success in Competitive Exams and Placement Interviews. He told her if she was coming to the party. ‘said to’ of direct speech changes to ‘asked’, ‘questioned’, or ‘inquired’ in Indirect speech. b) Quoted speech Change the speech for the following statement : This page provides important questions on Direct/Indirect Speech along with correct answers and clear explanation, which will be very useful for various Interviews, Competitive examinations and Entrance tests. So that they have enough time for solving all the questions in examination, correctly without any tense. Participate in the Sanfoundry Certification contest to get free Certificate of Merit. d) She exclaimed that she failed. Rate Us. Anita said, “I have failed in my duty of looking after my parents.”. c) Simple speech a) He asked me where is Neha. There are different ways in which people can report what people have said in a given situation, and as discusses in class, this can either be using direct or indirect speech. Remember, there is so much to learn and so much to forget.” b) Vineet said Nitin to go away. Simple present tense changes into simple past; first person in the reported speech changes as per the subject in the given sentence. Convert the following statement in direct speech to indirect : For solving each and every question, very lucid explanations are provided with diagrams wherever necessary. 1. In the following section the sentences have been given in Direct or Indirect speech. Gabriela said, “I can’t possibly finish my work by five o’clock”. 8. “Work hard and be regular in your studies,” the teacher said to the students. Direct/Indirect Speech Online Test questions are granted from basic level to complex level. ', The old gentleman prayed that God might bless the little boy, She asked whether she could open the window, implored his father to give the child what he wanted, He shouted angrily whether I would stand still.

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