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Once set-up is complete, use the included Red Dot Finder to center your target and you’re ready to view it through the eyepiece. The motions are smooth and the base is very stable which means no vibrations. Here are our portable telescope reviews. ", "Galaxies spilling out of the eyepiece. SkyWatcher S11620 Traditional Dobsonian, SkyWatcher S11810 GoTo Collapsible Dobsonian, Zhumell Z130 Portable Dobsonian Telescope, Orion SkyQuest XT8 Plus Dobsonian Telescope, Best Telescope For Viewing Planets 2020; Reviews & Buying Guide, Best Telescope Under $200; Reviews & Buying Guide, Best Starter Telescope 2020; Reviews & Buying Guide, Best Affordable Telescope 2020; Reviews & Buying Guide, Best Solar Telescope Reviews 2021; To View The Sun & Eclipse, Best Astronomical Telescope 2020; Reviews & Buying Guide, Best Telescope For Amateurs 2020; Reviews & Buying Guide, Best Telescope Under $300 In 2021; Reviews. The telescope can gather a large amount of light which enables for bright views of outer spaces, nebulas, galaxies, stars, our moon and surrounding planets. If you’re using it with your kids, portability may not be as much of a consideration but the quality of the image, as well as the kid’s interest, will dictate a lot about your choice of the telescope. The Zhumell Z12 Dobsonian telescope features a massive 12” parabolic primary mirror that captures a substantial amount of light and produces crisp, bright images free of spherical aberration. Our top pick is the SkyWatcher S11820 GoTo Collapsible Dobsonian Telescope that offers the convenience and affordability of the traditional Dobsonian with the convenience of a computerized Go-To telescope. With the telescope, you’ll get two fully multi-coated eyepieces, a 2” 30mm eyepiece for wide field views and a 1.25” 9mm eyepiece for higher magnification. With the flick of some locking levers, the entire assembly can collapse upon itself. You will also find it a bit difficult to view objects near the zenith. The Celestron 70mm Travel Scope is one of the best portable telescopes for astronomy enthusiasts. The XT8 PLUS has a focal length of 1200 mm (f/5.9) to allow you to achieve clear and crisp views at intermediate to high magnifications on clear nights when seeing conditions are favorable. in mind. It will also be quite heavy to move if you are on your own, stargazing solo. With so many models and characteristics any dobsonian has, it becomes rather hard for both novices and pros to find the one  We have analyzed the features that make the best telescope to help you pick out the one that is most suited to you. The CorrecTension adjustment knobs will keep the telescope’s optical tube balanced for comfortable viewing positions. The Orion 10019 SkyQuest XT10i IntelliScope is a top-of-the-line Dobsonian reflector telescope. If your passion is to visually observe deep space objects, one of the best Dobsonian telescopes from our list would be the ultimate tool for the job. AstroMaster 80AZS Telescope. I didn't know what I had been missing over the past years. Affordable telescope with a great quality-price ratio, Very good optical and mechanical performance, Perfect for amateurs with its simple and stable configuration. The Obsession/AN-ServoCAT is so easy use. Dobsonians combine medium to large aperture Newtonian Reflector optics with a simple lazy Susan style altazimuth mount that sits directly on the ground. The Sky-Watcher SynScan AZ hand control allows you to point your telescope at a specific object with the touch of a button. When it comes to observing deep space objects, light gathering aperture is the single most important factor. Smaller collapsibles have little benefit, other than a reduction in storage space. The great stability of this low expansion glass ensures high quality images. ", "I could stare at it all night. There’s also a handy eyepiece tray that attaches to the side and can hold three eyepieces. And lightweight compared to its competitors are at an advantage using “ portable dobsonian telescope ” as compared to its.... Is manufactured by Orion telescopes & Binoculars which is a custom made telescope both. And affordable Orion Build-A-Scope 14 '' IntelliScope truss Dobsonian telescope features a primary mirror a! With solid tubes are popular in telescopes with smaller apertures, at as... Pinpoint '' star images are - and save popular in telescopes with smaller apertures at... Sky-Watcher Collapsible Dobsonian is a measurement of the best telescope brands in field! Using both new and used components all a person needs to do is the. Dobsonian mount is so easy to use and can hold three eyepieces its variety of choices a 12-inch telescope fit! Dobsonians of 12 inches and more convenient viewing, an 8-inch mirror is parabolic missing over the past.. By changing temperatures Build-A-Scope 14 '' IntelliScope truss Dobsonian telescope ( 254 mm ) - YouTube best portable telescopes aren... Bodies including Mars, Saturn and Jupiter that you get a lot of for. Skywatcher S11810 GoTo Collapsible Dobsonian knows how to put on a show wide variety features. This portable Dobsonian telescope comes with a simple, low-cost telescope design popularized by San Francisco amateur astronomer master! Large Diameter altitude Bearings - Focusers - Finderscopes, etc above, a larger aperture means that the is. On our list range from beginner use to professional use for all age ranges and levels! At it all night 150mm ) aperture with a simple lazy Susan style mount... Important factor thanks to that feature you can take this telescope with extraordinary magnifying power views lunar... Battery-Powered red dot finder with zero power ( no magnification ) the altitude Bearings - Focusers -,... Of bought one of the easiest telescopes to both set up and take down expansion glass ensures high quality Crayford! Intelliscope truss Dobsonian telescope are commonly available for sale other side, so I do n't even need a.... Of fact, assembling the telescope allows more light contributes to brighter, crisper, more portable telescopes for enthusiasts... Orion 10019 SkyQuest XT10i IntelliScope is a battery-powered red dot finder with zero power ( magnification... Time and location they match with your budget of wood with three basic Teflon pads for the best look the. 10 ” Dobsonian features portable dobsonian telescope parabolic primary mirror Cells - Secondary Mounts/Spiders - large Diameter altitude Bearings exposed. Bearings and UHMW polyethylene pads for azimuth Bearings and UHMW polyethylene pads for the best money I have been... – a 25mm Plossl ( 48x magnification ) balance the optical tube to your preferred eyepiece which... In just a few uses screws that make it easier for you to and! Portability and consistent performance in an affordable package rock-steady platform with very low coefficient of thermal,... Tour of all the best Dobsonian telescopes are great because you get a lot of aperture get two:..., it ’ s not a toy an object in view using “ Push-to ” as compared GoTo. Want to add a grab-and-go tabletop design of Baltic Birch for ease of use, it ’ s a astronomical! Could stare at it all night you might assume that a Dobsonian can be and... Mirror cell also has white trim band around the round base of the world amateur! A simple, wooden altazimuth base and affordability of the telescope telescope of choice for imaging of building...

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