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Kyle: This is kind of more flavorful than Leo but not as much flavor as Chang. It is the Thailand importer of Guinness and Kilkenny.[3]. Thanks for your test tasting of thai beer, found it very helpful as am getting married in ko sumui feb 2013. needed to order a few cases of beer for my guests. that stuff rots your guts. “The light of your life; smooth, cool and refreshing;” 3.5%ABV; $0.90; Mascot – also the lion. Find Cheap Flights Easily With This Guide to Airlines in Thailand. now i know which type of beer to order. Kevin: Well you guys wanted to do the warm tasting. Even the expatriates and travelers seem to have developed a penchant for these Thai … Kevin: Can I poor the next round because I think you gave me too much? Its name is derived from "Burma" and "Britain", in recognition of British influence on Burma's brewing history. Thailand's 1950 Liquor Act states that beer can only be made in a factory making more than 1,000,000 litres per year or in a brewpub producing at least 100,000 litres per year for sale on-site with no bottling permitted. Leo is still my ‘go-to’ cheap beer. Phuket Lager received the first gold medal ever for a beer from Thailand at the 2006 Monde Selection Awards.[4]. The maximum fine for selling illegal beer was raised to 50,000 baht. I stopped in my nearby 7-11 where I grabbed 2 large bottles of Leo.Then I noticed this stuff called Siamsato. In the end the consensus was that while Cheers Beers tasted the best Leo was by far the best beer for your Baht. is a IPA - American style beer brewed by Bare Hands Brewery in Granger, IN. There are 6 main Thai beer brands available in most places. Thailand has 2 big companies. Travelers turned to Leo which was considered better quality but still inexpensive. This is kind of flat, how does that even happen? We also tried Siam Sato, which we mistook for beer, but we quickly learned it is really cheap (and terrible) rice wine. In 2016, the laws were made even tougher. And now for the taste test. siamsato ugh. Wow this just keeps getting worse. I’d rather my $$ go to a Thai brewer. [5][8] The maximum penalty for "home brewing" under the 1950 Liquor Act used to be 200 baht for making it and 5,000 baht for selling it. -James in BKK. I refuse to buy imported beer here. Craft beer is trying to take hold in Thailand, however, strict laws and harsh penalties for home-brewing are stifling the industry. Looked like beer to me, so I read the label and what I could make out was 8.0% alcohol, the name ‘SatoSiam’ in Thai and the word “rice” in the ingredients. “Gold medal quality beer;” 5% ABV; $1.10; Mascot – Past awards. Glad to see y’all got together before Kevin came back to the states. Other locally brewed Thai beers are Phuket Beer and Siam, both in Pathum Thani Province. The hot and sultry weather prevailing in Thailand for most of the year will titillate you to guzzle endless cans of beer. ThaiBev was founded in 2003 and is headquartered in Bangkok, but much of the brewing is done in Ayutthaya, the ancient capital just north of Bangkok. Kyle: Kind of sweet but otherwise no taste. Public tours of the brewery aren't advertised, however, private, group and corporate tours can be arranged by contacting the company. You can get foreign beers in Thailand but they are really expensive and not much better than the Thai beers. Kevin: Do we seriously have to keep tasting these? Briana: This is just like PBR, which is not that bad and totally drinkable. Bayerischer Bahnhof Leipziger Gose: I am more and more convinced that Gose is the ideal pairing beer for lighter Thai food. Phuket Beer and Federbräu are the only Thai beers brewed in accordance with the German purification law, the Reinheitsgebot. It’s rice beer, so it probably tastes like Bud Light” The gal at the checkout counter couldn’t tell me anything about it when I asked, apparently because she was about 16 years old and didn’t drink. Leo has a large share of the market in Thailand, but according to Chang loyalists, lacks the flavor oomph of Chang. Briana: Initial alcohol flavor with water-like aftertaste. Then, because I couldn’t stomach this shit that had been posing as beer, I nearly painted my kitchen with it, straight from my stomach. Chang has been helping refresh sun-parched travelers since 1995. We tried each beer both cold and warm because there is no way to avoid a few swigs of warm beer while on Ton Sai and some (I’m looking at you, Chang) taste considerably worse than others. His company, Boon Rawd Brewery, produces Thailand's oldest and best-known lager, Singha (pronounced "sing").Singha is sold in Thailand in standard (5 percent ABV), light (4.5 percent ABV), and draught versions. “Smooth and Great Taste;” 5% ABV; $0.75; Mascot – Leopard. Since the regime change, Thailand has been tightening its laws regarding alcohol. But Mark definitely preferred Shingha. Chang is produced by Thai Beverage (ThaiBev), the largest beverage company in Thailand. Leo, a lager with 5 percent ABV, is one of Thailand's most popular “budget” beers, mostly because it goes down easily and isn't Chang. Turnover of 2 companies The new Chang Classic has an ABV of 5.2 percent. With the highest alcohol content we can see why Chang is popular, but just make sure you don’t get caught with it warm. Briana: Good clarity, nice head retention, why have we been drinking Chang for months? Until 2015, the lager was the strongest of the beer choices in Thailand: the ABV was a harder-hitting 6.4 percent. So here are some notes we took about them. Singha is also the Thai beer most well-known outside of Thailand since it’s exported to many foreign countries. The unique combination of sweet, salt, and acidity in this German beer style touches on every element of the cuisine. Well…after a long day at school and 2 final exams, I was more than ready for some icy cold beers. The Thai Asia Pacific Brewery (TAPB) at its Nonthaburi plant brews Heineken (since 1995), Tiger, Cheers, and Cheers X-Tra (6.5 percent ABV). Although it's won a number of awards, Chang struggled with a reputation of quality control. Brewing beer in Thailand began in 1933 with the granting of a brewing license to 57-year-old Phraya Bhirom Bhakdi, born I think we drank more Chang because it seemed to be the beer of choice to give away free (ie, on snorkeling boats and after elephant rides). Federbräu Beer. Beer was originally introduced to Thailand by European visitors, but since 1933, Thais have been brewing their own. Kevin: This tastes like gasoline mixed with sugar. Kevin: I can’t even tell anymore they all taste the same. Klassik beer is another local beer brewed in Pathum Thani Province. This is where decision time comes in: you know more than one beer is in your future so do you buy the big beer so you can save a little money and make fewer trips to the beer vendor or do you buy the small beer so you can enjoy your beers cold? They also make Sangsom and Mekhong, the most popular rums in Thailand. Thai beers generally come in 330ml or 640ml sizes. On the price scale Cheers is most expensive, followed by Singha and the others all come in about the same. As a side note it appears that Heineken is the most distributed beer in the world, too bad that fact doesn’t make it taste any better than the local stuff. I mean you just raved about the Siam Sato. Suzanne is a freelance writer who has lived in Bangkok since 2004 and has written two guidebooks about travel in the country. The commentary was super entertaining. We intended to judge based on color, mouth feel, alcohol content, and taste (both warm and cold). [1] His company, Boon Rawd Brewery, produces Thailand's oldest and best-known lager, Singha (pronounced "sing"). Our good friend Kevin weighed in on the beer rating. You can opt-out at any time. But they are all the same color and mouth feel is kind of irrelevant especially after tasting a few. Using only a single source of German malt in the brewing process, Federbräu offers a uniquely German beer experience that is easy to drink and refreshing. Rather than overindulgence, the beer recipe was usually considered the culprit. Siam Beer exports Bangkok Beer abroad, but does not sell it in Thailand.

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