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Come the fuck on, Gerry! That's their great hope. the stranger voting guide 2020. Vote approved. Now more than ever, The Stranger depends on your support to help fund our coverage. Terms of Use | We're not pleased. 8212. And at least he's not his Republican challenger, Ted Cook, who thinks trans people don't exist. The fact is, Sheriffs run once every four years in off-year elections, which tend to have much lower turnouts than even-year elections, so lots of people aren't even voting for Sheriff in the first place. But when the final primary results were tallied, it turned out Chopp didn't crack 50% of the vote share. Smith previously challenged Ryu as a "centrist" but is now running as a Democrat. Rep. Pat Sullivan is running for re-election to the 47th Legislative District, House Position 2. Clark is running on a conservative platform of reducing property taxes and funding education without offering any detailed plans for doing so. Their tiny little pea brains couldn't possibly focus on something as important as public safety on top of all that other stuff. There's no getting around it: switching the Sheriff from an elected position back to an appointed position strips voters of their direct power over the office—to the extent that they have it, anyway. (Unless these assholes are bullshitting, which they probably are.). Asking about just cause protections? Atchison also opposes the state's comprehensive sex education bill because it would "prescribe" new parents for children. In the last four years, his office has flagged and fought against opening massive insurance tax loopholes for big businesses, pushed through legislation to basically end surprise medical billing, banned scammy health care sharing companies, and attracted a couple new insurance companies to play in Washington's health care exchange. Fuck Barbara Madsen. Three years ago he was "accused in a lawsuit of botching a child sexual-abuse investigation and intimidating the victim with threats of a false-claims charge," according to the Seattle Times. Not pronounced "labia" :(. Schrier, who feels she has a "proven track record" that shows her support for "health care, a public option, universal preschool, labor unions," and who has helped pass six pieces of legislation in her two years in Congress, understands the next two years, the post-Covid years, will decide the fate of the US in the 21st century. His opponent, Mormon ice cream shop owner Jack Walsh, is running on a platform that just seems to be "don't allow pot stores in Federal Way." Next session she plans to pass bills to improve broadband access to help bridge the education equity divide that the COVID-19 pandemic amplified. Leedham is an educator from Oregon who does not have a strong campaign presence. The K-3 class can only involve "socio-emotional learning," which teaches kids stuff like asking permission before hugging and identifying healthy adults in their lives. And Madsen also has broad experience in the judicial system, which exposed her to the system’s rank inequities. Harris-Talley supports a capital gains tax, an income tax, and she’s passionate about addressing the air quality inequity that constituents in her district face. We're not thrilled to have to pick between a landlord who racked up a handful of complaints and a longtime prosecutor who recently left his job as an HR guy at Amazon, but until we start paying people decent money to represent us in Olympia, it's going to keep being like this. She's spent her whole life in local government, auditing city budgets and now state budgets. Pollet sponsored a fuckton of bills this session, and he was the primary sponsor on bills that addressed sexual misconduct in colleges and improved the transparency around special districts. Petersen says he is running a campaign without taking PAC contributions and supports a full moratorium on evictions and foreclosures during the coronavirus pandemic. Franz is running against six other candidates: Republicans Cameron Whitney, Steve Sharon, Maryam Abasbarzy, and Sue Kuehl Pederson, Democrat Frank Wallbrown, and Libertarian Kelsey Reyes. "Oh, I think Rep. Macri has a bill like that," was the response. All of which means, of course, that he could win if you don't take him seriously. (He ended up with 49.78%, which is pretty close, but still!) The rule would also force judges to articulate why they ask for bail when they do, and to give them an option to set a lower bail that would essentially give defendants a rebate if they show up to all their hearings. Vote Johnson. Smilanich is a perennial candidate who previously challenged Rep. Eric Pettigrew as an Independent in 2018, 2016, 2014, 2012, and Adam Klein in 2010. Too connected, we said. Last year, Wyman's office released a new $9.5 million voter registration database that was riddled with errors and led to a backlog of tens of thousands of registrations. They want to take that success to the state level, where they support taxing the holy fuck out of the rich, investing massive dollars in housing, and ending the homelessness crisis. We don't really know what "killing it" as an auditor means. Vote maintained. The first will investigate the delay in unemployment benefits for hundreds of thousands of Washingtonians who lost their jobs during the COVID-19 pandemic. Entenman's competition, Kyle Lyebyedyev, is a smug-looking young Republic who wants to keep students in the dark about their health. At a time when the Trump administration has consistently assailed citizenship for immigrants, these seemingly small changes to the charter preserve the rights of all of our neighbors and friends to access services they have a right to. From delivering millions of dollars back to consumers who were wronged by fraudulent corporations and his ongoing battle with the federal government to clean up the Hanford nuclear waste site to successfully fighting two Tim Eyman initiatives, Ferguson has been a strong and effective advocate for people in Washington. And she's better than political hobbyist John Stafford, the windbag running against her. We're here because Reykdal performed poorly in the August primaries. The only problem we currently have with Macri is that there's only one of her. Don't send Jayapal back to D.C. without a partner in taxing the holy fuck out of the rich. And I did!". Walen previously served as the mayor of Kirkland. 48 Representative Position No. Because the U.S. House planned to include the bill in the first CARES Act package, which was somehow too liberal for him. He's also one of the few Latino members of the Legislature, and the son of immigrant farm workers. He said he's especially interested in changing the culture of policing, and he wants more transparency around police misconduct.

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