tung oil vs teak oil

Tung oil is produced from the seeds of the tung oil tree (Aleurites fordii). Teak oils are usually made of tung oil or linseed oil with extra additives mixed in. Teak Oil vs Tung oil vs Danish oil TEAK OIL. Teak oil is great for jobs where time is of the essence, while tung oil is perfect for masterpieces where looks are more important. This makes it one of the easiest and most effective coats you can use. In most cases, teak oil will get the job done, so, it's a good idea to always have it around. Osmo – Polyx – Great Oil for Wooden FloorsOsmo’s Polyx is a combination of different oils and … Teak oil over tung oil, if you are working on a project which will spend time outdoors like a bench, teak oil has UV protection which successfully protects wood from the elements. Remember tung oil is vulnerable to temperature changes. Teak oil is used for both interior and exterior wooden surfaces. Many people choose to oil their teak … There are occasions wherein teak oil also utilizes a minute amount of Tung oil into its composition. It brings out the beauty of wood and also acts as a protective coating due to its UV ray resistance and its ability to prevent water stains. The “teak oil” you buy in a bottle does not contain any oil or byproduct of the teak tree, Tectona grandis. As the name suggests you may assume that teak oil comes from teak wood, but this isn’t exactly true. This penetrating oil has been used in China for finishing fine furniture since 500 B.C. Sure enough, it leaves a good-looking surface on the wood. Thus, applying oil to teak gives it a warm and rich look. The companies use it as a marketing strategy to be used on teak wood furniture so it is called teak oil. If you want aesthetics and style, choosing tung oil will provide a glossier and warmer look than a teak oil finish. The bottle of teak oil does not consist of any oil of the teak tree. Tung oil dries quickly and penetrates the wood deeply. Similarly to linseed oil, tung oil is totally raw. First of all, we need to clarify what teak, tung, and Danish oils really are because in most cases these are just clever names created for marketing purposes. It is simply named “teak oil” because it is marketed to be used on teak wood, just as “motor … The oil “feeds” the wood, in a sense, and accentuates the grain and color. Teak oil is simply refined tung or linseed oil that may also incorporate polymers to provide a faster drying hard finish. Apart from that, tung oil is totally eco-friendly and non-toxic. Pure teak oil does not exist as a product that you can buy.

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