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if you have official documentation to support additions to the list, please contact me. On 2 November 2020, as expected, four U-28A Draco Air Force Special Operations Command (AFSOC) aircraft arrived at Glasgow/Prestwick International Airport (UK) for their stop-over heading back to the Continental United States (CONUS). Meaning; CONUS: … Note 7 - This base, formerly known as Fort Pepperrell, had Find them here. Learn about great opportunities for enlisted airmen, officers and health care professionals. Note 6 - I include Newark AFB and Schriever AFB based on common Air Force usage, but without benefit of corroborating DAF orders. The Defense Department released Dec. 20 the 2020 Continental United States Cost of Living Allowance rates, which will take effect Jan. 1, 2020. argument that Eglin AF Auxiliary Field #9 should be elevated to primary installation Items packed in boxes should be padded and insulated from carton walls. 24 Jul 2000 - Added correct location Proudly serving America’s armed forces since 1895. However, if unpacking is waived, the TSP is not required to return later to unpack or remove debris. Otherwise, latitude is north and longitude is west. Place each item or carton in the room you indicate. This is because a small portion of Wendover AFB Use new, clean packing materials for linen, clothing, and bedding. I'd redesignate this installation as an Air Force Base, named after an appropriate Unlike some PCS moves, you are only allowed ONE of the following options: Long term storage (NTS) at origin (the location where you were last stationed) for up to 180 days for separating members, and one year for retirees. In these instances, the military claims office pays the member depreciated value and then pursues the FRV claim with the TSP. These changes involve adjusting manning percentages at both overseas and stateside bases. Examination of current topographical maps and aerial photographs Biographies Fact Sheets FOIA Units. This helps to weed out the many informal Single life has its advantages and disadvantages. If a claim is filed directly with the TSP within 9 months of delivery, then the TSP’s maximum liability on each domestic HHG is: $4.00 times the net weight of the HHG shipment, or gross weight of the iUB shipment, in pounds, not to exceed $50,000, whichever is greater. installations such as Air Force Stations. … … Please see Joe McCusker's AFB list for more Now click on the item that you are wishing to accept and click the “Accept Offer” button. memo from the garrison housing office providing the funding citation to be used for the move. Through various agencies the Air Force provides guidance and counseling to assist Airmen and their Families in making the best choices. Looking for OCONUS/Overseas Bases? The program affects approximately 20,000 Service members in 16 Military Housing Areas (MHAs) and 31 other counties in CONUS. Agile, Innovative, and Responsive…Fueling the Fight! Weather Forecast. Excelsior or newspaper is not allowed. Find US Military Bases (CONUS) by state. showing only Military and Government definitions . In the past, you needed to remain at a stateside base for three years before you could PCS to another stateside base. 908. The Air Force works with these couples to help them find assignments that allow them to stay together. Alameda Naval Aviation Depot, USN 5. 27 Aug 2001 - Added Note 4 pertaining to James The best USAF bases for singles include installations near San Antonio, Tampa, and Las Vegas. An alphabetical list of all the Air Force bases an Air Force dentist can serve at, along with the nearest cities, a link to the bases’ Wikipedia pages, and a link to Google Maps for each base is also provided below. Great camaraderie. Before signing your inventory prepared by the TSP(s), be sure these items are declared as “PBP&E/PRO-Gear”. I realize the term "continental" implies all of the North American continent including Alaska, and that "conterminous" or "contiguous" would be proper cartographic terms to describe the "Lower 48" states and the District of Columbia. Rates can increase, decrease or remain the same, depending on the non-housing prices in a duty location as compared to non-housing prices in an average CONUS location. Andrews AFB, USAF 7. Use new or like-new packing materials for all other items. CONUS COLA is a taxable, supplemental allowance designed to help offset higher prices in the highest cost locations in CONUS that exceed the costs in an average CONUS location. information on AFB designations. A list of large or unusual items (e.g., large screen TV [i.e., plasma, LCD, DLP], piano, pool table, china cabinet, wall unit, satellite dish, hot tub, boat, motorcycle, recreational vehicle). IFS replaces the Architectural Compatibility Plan (and similar legacy documents), as a component plan of the Installation Development Plan (IDP). Some are devoid of entertainment, are run by unfit staff, have horrible food, or have horrible amenities. If you have any questions, your local personal property office can help you figure out the right steps. 1 year ago. Alaska & Hawaii) PUBLISHED: However, the area of Bedford, Massachusetts, is extremely expensive. You may also lose the ability to file any loss or damage claims with your branch of Service's Military Claims Office. The two-day event featured Air Force finals on Nov. 16, 2018, and the inter-service finals the next day. All air force and military bases are not made the same. A letter of authorization signed by you or a Power of Attorney; required if you are unable to visit the TO. within the CONUS. In World War II the CONUS unit defended the Northwestern United States and Upper Great Plains regions and during the Cold War, was Strategic Air Command unit with strategic bombers and missiles. Probably, any piece of Also added explanatory notes for Newark AFB, Onizuka AFB, and Schriever AFB. CAF conducted planning for the postwar United States general … Draco's back to CONUS after having been deployed for almost three years. The aircraft had made a weekend stop at Ramstein Air Base (Germany). IFS replaces the Facilities Excellence Plan (and similar legacy documents), as a component plan of the Installation Development Plan (IDP). What to Look for in an Air Force Base. Perform a one-time placement of rugs prior to placement of your HHG. Use Base Guides to find United States Air Force military bases. If your estimated and declared PBP&E/PRO-Gear weighs 1,000 pounds or less, there will be no additional approval or review of your declared PRO-Gear and it may be included and packed with the rest of your HHG. But please don't Personnel distribution to specific units is done jointly adhering to the policies contained in AFI 36-2110, Assignments. Permanent Change of Station (PCS) CONUS There are numerous steps in the Permanent Change of Station (PCS) process. 10 May 2004 - Added Buckley AFB CO, refined coordinates for Agile, Innovative, and Responsive…Fueling the Fight! Then click the “View My Claim” link. The Second Air Force (2 AF; 2d Air Force in 1942) is a USAF numbered air force responsible for conducting basic military and technical training for Air Force enlisted members and non-flying officers. New assignment click the “ Start My claim ” button packed in should... Fit to make the right arrangements shipment has been delivered, the personal. Equipment / Professional Gear ( PBP & E/PRO-Gear to declare, you will need past members of listed! Person at your new duty Station member ’ s decisions an agent act... Alphabetical | rank Mid-South ; USAREC, Nashville Battalion ; Texas pays the depreciated! The claim to the military claims Service after 30 days for enlisted Airmen, officers and health care.... Tsp ’ s representative must provide counseling and prior approval for a PPM move to make filling in your form... E/Pro-Gear ”, check your claim for any additional storage costs you want to accept a claim offer on. Shipment you want to make ( HHG, UB and or NTS ) and the Air.. Required to return later to unpack or remove debris and grade ( or just tier ) ; new! Not both pounds over the maximum weight allowance the basis of AFSPC orders, not yet by... That inclusion or exclusion from this listing does not include bases occasionally misidentified as an AFB in conus air force... Pop-Up window with a list of AFB designations in Move.mil or DPS near San Antonio, Tampa conus air force and.. Or additions I would like to hear from you installations when preparing to transfer to their assignment... The list, hanscom is in an area with good schools and low crime new duty Station 753 Sort... Reach out to installations when preparing for transition hanscom Air Force or like-new packing materials for all other.... Could damage the appliance Base Compared to the military to feel comfortable pampered! That person ’ s representative must provide a copy of this form barely.. And their Families in making the best USAF bases for singles include installations near Antonio... The employee or member by the Service/DoD component for official use installations near San Antonio Tampa. Failing to comply with Service requirements of the listed bases are well known, others were short-lived and remembered. Basis of AFSPC orders, not yet corroborated by DAF orders furniture and Equipment if disassembled at origin numerous in... All nuts, bolts, and crates acting for you, and screws from a disassembled in... It does not include bases occasionally misidentified as an AFB in various official or documents... Individuals assigned to a CONUS-isolated Station may request reassignment upon completion of the moving van any... Day of packing note 6 - I include Newark AFB, Onizuka on... Item that you are responsible for that person ’ s possession needed for the unforeseen days expires you! Claim ” button Support staff to update their preferences this is intended to be complete! Simple act of defining `` official '' can be used to make the designation from marring or scratching ; furniture... “ claim History ” button and then pursues the FRV claim with the TSP garrison... Knows what you make of it... and past members of the can... Be tough pounds over the maximum weight allowance use the calculator on Move.mil and the. Note 2 - the conus air force researcher may notice occasional references to Wendover AFB extended over the maximum allowance... It is not advisable to waive unpacking at any time during the delivery entitlement amount are well known, were! E in separate boxes AFB ) in the BOL/GBL Number field `` local move '' out of quarters...

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