winsor and newton professional watercolour tubes

... Winsor & Newton Cotman Watercolours 6 Tube Set. Permanence: B / Opacity: Semi-transparent. Since 1835, when Henry Newton and William Winsor introduced the first moist watercolors to the world, much of Winsor & Newton's reputation for supreme quality has stemmed from its Professional Watercolor range. Each colour within this wide and balanced spectrum of colours, has been selected and formulated to offer the greatest choice so that artists can … The hand-painted dot card includes all 109 colours in the Winsor & Newton Professional Watercolour range represented by a small dot of dried paint on a sheet of watercolour … Winsor and Newton Professional Watercolor Tube Paints offer a wide range of bright, … Cotman Watercolours uses fine art pigments with reduced pigment load than the Professional Watercolour range, making them an accessible choice while still uncompromising on quality. $ 25.99. Since 1835 when William Winsor and Henry Newton introduced the first moist watercolours to the world, much of our reputation for supreme quality has stemmed from the Professional Watercolour range. Series: 2 / Colour Code: 448 / Colour Index: - , PR122. Try the Professional Watercolour range. Cotman, from the makers of Winsor & Newton Professional Watercolors, offers a selection of good-quality watercolors. … Winsor & Newton Professional Watercolor Tubes and Set. This range features 35 of the most popular colors in new jumbo 37 ml tubes, almost 3× the color as the 14 ml … Since then Professional Watercolour continues to be formulated and manufactured according to Winsor and Newton's founding principles: to create a top-quality watercolour range which … Since then Professional Watercolour continues to be formulated and manufactured according to our founding principles; to create an unparalleled watercolour range which offers artists the widest and … The finest water colour offering the widest choice of pigments & the highest possible permanence. In stock. Winsor & Newton Professional Watercolours 14ml Tubes. The Cotman line includes both traditional pigments and reliable synthetic colors that replace some of the more rare and expensive pigments used in the Professional Watercolors. You asked for larger sizes of Winsor & Newton Professional Watercolor, and now you have it! Winsor & Newton … Transparent Colour .

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